How to Walk in High Heels

Nothing can add more grace to your personality than a sexy, confident walk. Women since ages have always put fashion ahead of comfort. Look at the various fashion trends throughout years and you will agree with me. One such killer thing is high heels.

In spite of knowing the threat it poses to our feet we just cannot stop ourselves from buying them time and again. High heels and pointed toes not only look very sexy but they add a little extra something to any outfit which is why they are favoured across the globe.

Mentioned below are few tips that will help you set your high heel phobias aside and experiment with heels.

Tips to walk in high heels:

• Invest in a good pair of heels. Comfort is most important when you want to wear heels. If this is not the case, then balance will be tricky and your body weight will be distributed unevenly, which will further pose risks for your posture.

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• If you’ve never walked in high heels before, then don’t start out with high heeled stilettos. Go for a smaller and comfortable heel or wedge. Also, avoid backless, or extremely delicate high heels. Go for a pump, or a sandal with an ankle strap. Straps will add support for your ankles which in turn will help you to walk in high heels. First get used to the feeling and then work your way up.

• Start by standing in your wannabe favourite pair of heels. Make yourself accustomed to the added height and just feel where you naturally want to put the weight in the shoe. This will also help to check the flaws in your posture.

• While walking put your heel down first followed by your toe. This technique will give you more balance and make your walk look more graceful. Also, do not attempt to walk fast like you would when you are wearing flats. Take small steps to avoid injury.

• Keep your toes pointing straight ahead or as close to straight as you can, keep your shoulders back and lean back slightly as you walk. Try and keep your legs as close together as possible as you walk. This will keep your body more centred.

• Exercise to keep your feet strong. There is a rising exercise which can help you to build up the strength in your foot: you can easily do this at home, all you need is the back of a chair to lean on. Keeping the toes relaxed, rise up onto the ball of your foot, lifting the heel as high as you can. Repeat a few times. This exercise is important to strength your feet and avoid possible injuries.

How many pair of high heels do you own?

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12 thoughts on “How to Walk in High Heels

  1. I just love to wear high heels 🙂
    And one thing which has helped me a lot, apart from a good brand like Aldo, is if u put your weight on ur toes than ur heels, u can walk more comfortably. I can even dance in high heels, that too bhangra. Lol. The trick in dancing is that u never move ur feet, just dance with ur body above knees 🙂

  2. Agreed Era.. I always wore flats.. and when I first started out wearing heels.. I had a tough time but then slowly I got used to it. Now again I am back to flats since last 3 yrs.. so when I got my first heel last month.. had a lill difficulty but its okay.

    Liked the article.. hamesha ki tarah 😀

  3. Years back I had a huge collection of heels but now I wear only flats. In case I try heels, Its painful & uneasy. Thinking to give a try at least once a week or two

  4. I haven’t worn heels that much since I don’t need the extra height, and don’t get my size but most heels look so elegant and cute 🙂 I’ll definitely try to wear heels more. I currently own a pair of wedges and two pairs of kitten heels.

  5. Oh this one came at the right time! Thank you! I have my grduation next month and i so need to wear heels that day with a sari… *dreading*

  6. Great Article! I have always wanted to walk confidently in high heels – kitten heels, stilettos etc, but I’ve never been able to 🙁 I just dont have the balance for it! But I love those shoes so much! They look soo hot! I guess I would have to practice some more!
    Can someone tell me what are the things to keep in mind while buying boots? The heel ones 🙂
    I want to buy ankle boots but I am not sure how tight the upper part of the boot should be.

  7. Wearing heels definitely adds that extra something but it will definitely cost you an extra something. Continuous usage will definitely damage back bone and in six months time, pain in legs and spine will start.

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