Walk Your Way to Beautiful Skin

By Shainee Chakraborty

We know that walking is good for our health. But, did you know that walking is the best food for our skin as well? My dear mommy, father in law and my uncle (my mom’s brother) have one thing in common. They have celebrity like healthy and glowing skin. They eat healthy and are physically very active.

It is too bad that I have not inherited the healthy, glowing skin. My skin is sensitive and acne prone. No matter, how careful I am about makeup products or how many medicines I take, it seems that there is no permanent solution to it. The reason for it could be that I do not eat healthy and I do not work out.

Walk Your Way to Beautiful Skin

One day, I asked my father in law, who is also a doctor that how could I get glowing, healthy skin like them? “Just walk daily at least for 10 – 15 minutes. It works like an antioxidant for your skin” He said. “Wow! That’s simple and easy.” I thought. “Initially, you might feel lazy. You’ll come up with excuses for not walking. But, once you make it a habit, you’ll become addicted and would even find it hard to hold yourself back on rainy days.” He added further. He walks daily for at least half an hour.

So today, I will you more reasons to walk other than just losing weight and staying fit. Here is how you walk your way to a beautiful skin.

Walk Your Way to Beautiful Skin 2

Cardio vascular exercise improves our skin, it includes walking, cycling, swimming and aerobics. Beauty products work temporarily on our skin and don’t go beyond two layers of our skin. Whereas, when we walk our heart and lungs starts pumping oxygen that reaches the blood, which in turn improves blood circulation throughout the body and flush away the toxins from the body that causes skin problems. It can help us to get rid of stretch marks, acne and pimples that occurs due to pregnancy, hormonal changes etc.

But, those who suffer with skin problems must take extra care of their skin while walking. Wear sunscreen in daytime and avoid walking between 10 am to 4pm. Still, once they make it a habit then they would notice healthy changes in their skin.

Walk Your Way to Beautiful Skin 3

Walking help to slow down the aging process. It is the best food for skin, which means it supplies nutrients to skin cells that help us to get healthy skin. When we sweat while walking, it clears the clogged pores and cleanse our skin. It also balance our hormones that causes acne, pimples and leave ugly scars. It help us to get sound sleep at night, which makes us look fresh and confident when we wake up in the morning.

Walk Your Way to Beautiful Skin 4

If you still need more reasons to walk then let me remind you the other benefits of walking. It’s free. You do not have to spend thousands on gym membership every year. You can go to a park near your house and breath fresh air while walking. You may also meet new people and your neighbors. You don’t have to change your lifestyle. It lowers your chances of catching cold. Walking is good for our bones as well. You can choose your own time to walk. Walking is also good for those who are fighting depression. Walking makes you feel good about yourself. You might have also noticed that make up look natural and better on healthy skin than on problematic skin.

So, girls grab your walking shoes and walk your way to beautiful skin.

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9 thoughts on “Walk Your Way to Beautiful Skin

  1. I am planning to go for walking or jogging on an everyday basis since long.
    This article has given me all the more reasons to go than to avoid it any further.

  2. Every bit of this article is true. Earlier I used to go for walks everyday and I could see a lot of improvement on my skin. I even got the compliment that I looked younger and glowing. Then I got lazy as I had to put a break due to some medical issues and it broke my routine. But now I am going to start again. It also helps you think clearly. 😀


  3. our company has started a ‘slimsons’ contest 🙂 u sign up as groups..good fun..bunch of activities along with diet advice..voluntary ofcourse. will start with walking ..this post comes at the right time..no fancy gym equipment, inexpensive..:) i say inexpensive ‘cos I know many including me who bought stuff and never used..can be done almost anywhere..office (climbing stairs or a walk around the building etc).

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