Want To Get Rid of Acne Scars ASAP: Ask IMBB

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Tarannum ara asks:


I am supposed to meet a guy for marriage after 7 days. I have got acne scars and I need to lighten them up. Kindly suggest me some easy home remedies for a quick fix. A makeup tutorial will be helpful for those who are planning to meet first time.

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19 thoughts on “Want To Get Rid of Acne Scars ASAP: Ask IMBB

  1. Hey Tarannum,….

    I would suggest rubbing a lemon evry mrng on ur skin…leave it on for 15mins and wash off wid cold water….definitely shows results if done daily..do it as frequently as u can during d day if u want quicker results…. 🙂

    Hope thngs turn out 2 b positive for u…. all d best dear….. 🙂

  2. rub tomato slices every day may be even twice a day
    use grated potato as a mask for 15 mins every day too 🙂
    may be visit mac to help you with a good concealer and foundation, they can also help you with the makeup for the day 🙂

  3. I agree with shagufta that regularly usage of lemon lightens acne scars that too told by my BF.. lolll I use it in night, u can also use it in morning and night too. Rub it on your face for 10-15 mins and leave it for whole night and see results 🙂 I am doing it regularly and can see changes and one more good news is new pimples are also reduced.. All the best dear …

  4. Use Dabur Chandan face pack or Himalaya Fairness pack . This will surely help . Your face will brighten up by two shades for sure 🙂

  5. soak kesar (2-3 petals) in raw milk overnight, crush and massage it on ur full face for few minutes, leave it for half and hour, u can see radiant glow on ur face and it will lighten scars as well.

    a very effective remedy(tested and tried myself) is use of sandalwood essential oil, mix a very few drops in ur face pack/ cream and use it. u can try aroma magic one.

    further be patient and dont overdo anythg, conceal them with a good concealer and foundation for the time being and with time they will gone… just be yourself…

  6. Best and quickest home remedy is raw potato.
    Rub raw potato slices or grate potato and apply juice over the scars. Let it dry and wash off after sometime.
    Do not forget moisturizing ur face after this, as potato can be drying for some.
    Can do this twice a day.
    Go for concealers and foundations to coverup the scars for the upcoming meet.
    And continue your way to remove these blemishes in the mean time.
    I’ve heard good results of Fabindia depigmentation cream (INR 300).
    Can give this one a try..

  7. Hi Jomol , I had the same problem in my teens. I use to apply sandal wood pack. What I use to do , I apply when I am to bed at night and then was it up in the morning. This was how I got rid… Hope this helps you

      1. Oh sorry dear but you wont believe my mom is 40+ and she is facing the same problem lolzzz. I at time laugh at her for acne probsss…. and she gets furioussss……..

        1. Hi Shenon, I was not talking about the acne part. The query had mentioned “I am supposed to meet a guy for marriage after 7 days,” I think you missed that part 😛

  8. Tarannnum, you should definitely see a dermatologist because doctor’s usually prescribe ointments and stuff which can help you get rid of acne and scarring within 3 to 4 days 🙂

    1. jomol is absolutely right. With home remedies there is always a risk of irritation. With less than 7 days to go,I think even derm wont do drastic procedures. But there are always lightening and brightening agent. Best bet, buy a concealer for now, and continue treatment with derm till your marriage !

  9. ok now you have got the same issue that i had about a month ago i would like to share simplest way to not only to get rid of scars but to lighten and even out your complxion too.
    Things you will need include:
    1.aromamagic lemon essential oil costs just 80 bucks!
    2.Any carrier oil of your choice well grapseed or hazelnut oil are recommended for oily skin if u have like i have.
    now procedure part every night after cleansing add 4-5 drops of lemon oil with 8-9 drops carrier oil and massage for 10 minutes trust me honey it helps tighten skin pores too i am alive specimen of its success hope it helps.

  10. Concealer should be the best option.. You can follow all the above mentioned remedies till the d day n then see the results..

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