10 Wardrobe Items You Should Immediately get Rid of

By Pallavi Mahendra

Hola ladies!

We all are so busy in the fast paced lives of ours that sometimes we don’t even get time to have a proper meal. But when it comes to fashion, we have all the time in the world. Yes, that’s us! Often we stand in front of our wardrobes and are unable to find the basic necessities we need on daily basis that’s because we have stacked up our closets with things we don’t even require or are of no use to us anymore. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Still a clear closet is a clear mind. Part of the problem is accumulation of junk. There’s some stuff we should be tossing out we aren’t able to either due to lack of time or a sentimental touch. I’m here to help with a loving, we’re-all-in-this-together mentality, fresh with a handy list of things you can toss (or resell or donate) right now. So get busy this weekend and I can assure you getting dressed on Monday would be way easier.

1. Anything damaged beyond repair
Here I am talking about clothes with holes, stained pieces, and even bras that either have wires popping out or whose elastics have lost elasticity.

2. Broken articles
Those single pieces of earrings or socks which have lost their pair, basically anything that’s mate-less, we don’t need to keep them. Broken and faded articles of jewelry. Rings that leave rings. Purses with broken handles, wobbly clasps or ink stains.

3. Shoes

old footwear

There must be tons of shoes in our shoe rack, but some of them we haven’t worn in ages or shoes that ache the minute you put them on. Give them away as you’re never going to wear them in the future either.

4. Anything too tight

Clothes that need to go to the tailor and never will. Your favorite dress which used to fit you perfectly two years back but you don’t fit into it anymore, toss it away. Dresses that need an army of people to get in and out of. They’re just occupying space in your closet. I know! I know! It holds a sentimental value but you have got to this.

5. Plastic bags

old shopping bags

Shopping bags we keep stacked in our cupboards just for the memory sake. They’re of no use, get rid of them. On the other hands, you can use jute shopping bags to store your stuff.

6. Empty shoe boxes

We love our shoes so we like to keep them inside the boxes. But think about it, don’t you think they’re occupying lot more space than they need to.

7. Expired cosmetics

Every now and then, clean your dressing table. There are a lot of products which might have expired and you don’t want them getting onto your skin even by accident. Nail paints that have dried up or frozen.

8. Out of fashion

unfashionable items

There are two categories of fashion- evergreen and temporary fashion. Say Bootcut jeans, capris or Oakley wrap-around sunglasses for example, they’re so out of fashion. Toss out such items. Hats you never wear because you swear you have a really big head.

9. Gym clothes

Sometimes in life, we all get motivated to go to the gym, either to just flaunt our yoga pants or just to kill our time. But after two days we never really saw the treadmill again. If this is you then you know what to do.

10. Sentimental college gear

School or college uniforms from your teenage days. Prom dresses, vintage dresses in the back of your closet from that phase when you thought you were going to be a collector of fine goods. I know! I know! It holds a sentimental value but you have got to this.

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