Wardrobe Organizing Tips

Wardrobe Organizing Tips

Hi beautiful ladies,

We all splurge on shopping and end up with overflowing wardrobes. Sometimes, it becomes very frustrating to see that you bought a dress and never got to wear it because you completely forgot about it as it was lost in the huge pile of clothes.  Let me share with you some tips that I have been using while organizing my wardrobe.

Wardrobe Organizing Tips

1) The first step is to pull out all your clothes and segregate similar clothing first and then based on their usability- office wear, night wear, occasional wear, casual, weekend wear, etc.

2) The daily ones that are used for office should be neatly ironed and should go on the hangers, so that they become easily accessible and wearable on all working days as most of these days, we run on a shortage of time. Make sure that all these clothes are in perfect shape with all buttons/ zippers/ hems intact. All problematic clothes in this category should be put in a bag separately to be taken to the tailor for repair. This way you will save time by picking the right cloth to wear during those rush hours and will help you to just grab the bag during your next visit to the tailor.

3) All casual lower wear like denim jeans, capris, skirts, corduroy etc., should be neatly folded or rolled up and should occupy one of the section in the wardrobe. Also, one hardly has worry about the wrinkles and folds for this category of clothes, a separate section goes for the night wears too.


4) I guess by now you would have easily understood about how keen I am on buying stuff that would organize my wardrobe.  One such organizing investment I made and recommend to all my friends is the saree bag. It costs from around 100 to 200 rupees each depending upon the quality and can easily accommodate up to 6 sarees or salwar kameez sets.  Not only are these easily available, they also keep the clothes away from dust. Besides that, the transparent side of the bag helps you to easily identify the category of clothes that you have placed in them. You may add a sachet of Odonil or something similar to that to keep your clothes smelling nice too.\


5) Now, with this magic organizing tool, you can easily segregate clothes further as one bag for sarees, one for party wear salwar kameez, one for your cardigans, etc. These bags occupy less space in your wardrobe to accommodate things when compared to keeping them direct. You can utilize your wardrobe space twice with these. Also, all you have to do when deciding what to wear for a party is to just grab the right bag and pick the dress while the entire wardrobe remains intact. Also, remember they are very useful for travels too.

6) While the saree bags are useful for occasional wear clothing, there are also foldable boxes available which will be useful for creating divisions in your wardrobe besides concealing all your undergarments and other inner wear. You can always fold them away just in case you want to change the look and feel in your wardrobe. We women always need change, don’t we 😛

7) We all think one way to create space in our wardrobe is to donate old clothes, but there are instances that the dress is not so old to be thrown or donated. Target and segregate these and keep a section or place for them. Make sure you wear one (if few) or two of them ( if you have more) a week , so that it gets used to the maximum and gets a way out of the wardrobe soon.

8) Annoyed with those thin spaghettis or thin strapped tops falling off those hangers, now they won’t. Keep them in place by putting on some rubber bands around the hangers and you are done.

9) For wardrobes which has more hanger space and less or no shelves, the compartmentalized rack is a beautiful solution. You can again segregate your spegetti tops, t shirts, shirts, stoles, etc., in them for easily locating and accessing them. This is a boon when you organize a child’s wardrobe.

Have fun organizing your wardrobe this weekend 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Wardrobe Organizing Tips

  1. absolutely great post gurpreet. I loved the idea of saree bags. i must get a few of these for myself soon. Was totally confused about organizing indian wear. I segregate acc to color and type and keep almost everything on hangers. Very very helpful.

    Fab post , once again. 🙂

    1. o thanks so much Rati.. means a lot to me.. believe me the saree bags are such a saviour and u will find that your clothes are neatly organized and saves on space too 🙂

      1. I have the foldable boxes too.. had got them from canada long back.. but now they are available in home stop in india too. they are so useful and creates very good partitions in the wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Nidhi.. I even keep my winter wear in one of them, one for party wear western outfits and one for rarely used clothes..

  2. u have nicely timed ur article gurpgreet…coz i was going to organize my wardrobe soon…hehehe though i am soo lazy about it…thanks fr d tips they sure r handy ones

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