Warning against Elizabeth Arden Products Sold in India


A few days back I picked up Elizabeth Arden 8 hour moisturizer. I didn’t pick up the original 8 hour cream because it was quite sticky and thought it would be best for winters. I wanted  a solid moisturizer but a non sticky one. So I went ahead with this. Surprisingly when I purchased this cream, I picked up a lot of other stuff as well. I checked the manufacturing date of every single product I had purchased. I even ended up not picking up some of the products from a brand because they were manufactured in 2010. This cream did not have any manufacturing date written anywhere on the box. I still went ahead and bought it.

 I was a bit taken aback to see the crumpling texture of the cream but then thought may be that was the actual texture. I started using the cream. I had a little tingling sensation but thought that was normal. The next day I had dry patches on my cheeks. I thought it was weather change. I used my Clinique Moisture surge spray for 2 days and my skin was back to normal. Again I started using it but because of  hot weather or whatever reason, I was used it only during the day and not at night. Today morning my skin was fine and I used it again , by evening my cheeks were red and irritated. I was quite horrified to see the condition of my skin. 🙁 I decided to check all my products through the Cosmetic Calculator and woah! I have the culprit infront of you. The worst is that I have to attend a party tonight and my skin is so freakin’ irritated. :((

elizabeth arden eight hour cream

Neither the box nor the tube have manufacturing details printed on it. The product is expired. Look at the proof below.

Take a look at the swatch. The cream is almost crumpling.Earlier I thought that may be that was the texture of the cream but now I realize that the cream has been damaged and expired.

rati beauty ad

8 hour cream

Don’t know what to say but I am really furious at the moment. The cream is for whopping Rs 1950. I don’t have the bill now and my skin is crying out loud for help. I don’t know which brand does not print the manufacturing date on their product. Sucks!


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    1. Hi Akshatha,

      If the receipt is for proof, we have ample proof that we bought the cream from Elizabeth Arden’s store in Shoppers Stop, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. We are a Shoppers Stop regular customer and it would show in our purchase on that particular day.

      Nupur wrote a post about India becoming a dumping ground for expired foreign cosmetics products: https://makeupandbeauty.com/method-treat-acne-cosmetic-calculator/ I think we need to be aware of this and be careful.

      1. I agree Sanjeevji….this is so unfair….I will check the cosmetic calculator for everything….Even I had a bad experience with one of the MJ products, and I now think I should check the cosmetic calculator, earlier I had doubts about the site, but now, not any more :worship:

      2. Hey Sanjeev!
        You got this at Shoppers Stop?? I am concerned as I get my Clarins stuff from here!! Have you brought it to the notice of SS?

        1. Hi Prerna,

          Clarins products had manufacturing dates on them. If you see the haul that we made, we checked manufacturing dates of all makeup products (we didn’t buy any Estee Lauder because all the manufacturing dates were of 2010) including Clarins. Except for that of Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder, all the products were fine.

      3. oh.. ok.. its nice to bring awareness.. but shouldn’t they pay for their fault.. i might sound harsh.. but maybe not only u guys suffered.. there could’ve been umpty number of people who purchased and suffered.. maybe they should regret for their mistake is what i felt..

  1. OMG..this is hilarious… This should be brought into the Company’s notice :announce:
    We customers are not their experiment beings……………. :nonono:

  2. 😯 how can they sell such thngs here
    may be the clientele is not vast but still the brand shud hold some respect and keep these things in check

    thnk god ur skin is fine now…

  3. OMG, its so terrible and to think that you picked it from the store….I think this is an apt warning for people who are interested in buying Elizabeth ARden products, its not just done that they sell expired products to the buyers 😐

  4. OMG..!! this is so scary. And so sick about Shoppers stop and EA ..!

    I think you must report it to shoppers stop guys.. or write to the company directly.

  5. Grrr.. I am a little scared to buy these products here in India… either expired or fake products are out there.. imagine all those harmful chemical in the cosmetics in the first place and above that if we get expired ones or fake ones! god bless us!

  6. This is so unacceptable.. :spank: :spank: such big brands should take care of not selling expired products to their customers and a mfdg date and expiry date should be complusorly mentioned on each and every product sold.. Rati you should go back to the store and demand a refund for selling you expired products… Thank you so much for bringing this to everyone’s notice… :))

  7. i am so sorry to hear bout the skin reaction rati :(( :(( :(( pl visit a derma, dont try to cure it youself… a derma may prescribe an anti-allergic and a topical corticosteroid…..

    it is unfortunate that such branded companies treat third world countries like a dumpyard :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: its not like they are selling the product any cheaper here!! its always the same price or often more in the name of import taxes…

  8. Fashion and You had two sales of Elizabeth Arden stuff, I was sorely tempted to buy some and thank god I didn’t. This is horrible, Rati 🙁 🙁 am so sorry you had to go through all that and spend so much only to discover it’s expired! I have also noticed that they launch products way too late here and seem to think all the stuff whose sales failed abroad can be peddled to us unsuspecting beauty addicts…As Sanjeev said I think if you have the receipt from Shopper’s Stop you can definitely sue them. This is just outrageous…I think I’ll be more careful now. 99Labels was also selling Clinique, Smashbox and other stuff today – buying online would be even more of a mistake if such things happen. I really hope with your online influence you can do something about this!!! Good luck, hun! :heart: :heart:

    1. Nandini….thank goodness you didn’t pick it up…..these high end stuff is so tempting but selling trash is unacceptable

  9. Dats really bad.. :spank: :spank: Even if you don’t have the bill, take this issue to their notice..
    After reading ur post, I think its better to take a mobile with internet for shopping and to check products for its exp.dates before buying.. esp. if it does not have it printed on the product.. I am goin to follow this strictly..
    Hope ur skin is fine now.. Take care..

    1. Completely agree with you Laxmi :yes: :yes: guess we all need to check the cosmetic calculator before a purchase :haanji: :haanji: Feel sorry for you Rati :(( :(( Take Care

  10. this ia absolutely disgusting!! Sue them so that they dont do such a thing again!! and thank you for letting us know that such a brand can do this!

  11. Thanks fr highlighting this Rati>> nw ill be more careful bef getting any branded stuff… after all in India whatever happens people don’t believe you unless u start fighting !! :pissedoff: In the US if u dnt like a product u can even return it back and get something else :struggle:

  12. Oh god !!! :headbang: :headbang: :-/ :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
    I am sick n tired of seeeing this expired maaal everywhrrr :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

  13. Scary! : 😯

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to provide a link on IMBB to the cosmetic calculator as a permanent feature for new members who haven’t read the article and are unaware of this?

  14. too bad that u had this experience and that too from SS…i had a similar experience with 99labels when i bought Elizabeth arden EDT….the fragnance doesnt last even for an hour!!!!! :waaa:

  15. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: omg, thanks for the alert, will be more careful hereafter..
    Sorry to hear about your skin :(( take care..

        1. Shami…here it gets very hot during the day, and cloudy towards the evening, but no respite from the heat… :headbang:

          1. Come to Bangalore Jomol… :haanji: the weather is like super awesome today… jusst a hint of sun, lot of clouds… lovely! :happydance: :happydance:

    1. I feel irritation in my lips whenever i use – My mahogany lipstick, also if i use in the morning by evening my lips become completely dry (some times peeling also). This is cured only by himalaya lip balm 😥 😥 :clap:
      This lipstick i ordered from “Urban Touch”, does any one felt irritation when you use “My Mahogany” lipstick, kindly help :((

        1. Expiry date is mentioned as 06/2013, i wonder why its causing irritation :methinks: :methinks: :methinks: which never happened with any lipsticks before

        2. Good morning Jomol ji 🙂

          Thanks to this article, now I’m scared to order stuff online!!!! It’s so easy to get fooled na, as one can’t see the manufacturing date! :(( :((

          1. Aparna….for such costly items, it is better to buy in stores only and check the expiry date. Now, I am using the cosmetic calculator to check all my cosmetics O:)

  16. Wow..! This sounds bad..! 🙁 The brand’s people must really do sumthing abt it cuz it will end up spoiling the reputation of the brand.. I got cheated like this once. :(( :(( i felt so bad and depressed. It was during one of my online shopping episode. It would be much useful if they build a mobile application for cosmetic calender.. its really a pain to check it using the link whilst shopping..!!

  17. This is downright disgusting yaar..It doesn’t matter what these cosmetics companies are sending to India under the tag of “foreign brand”, but atleast our Indian retailers should be intelligent enough to not take crap and sell here….Very disappointing!! 🙁 🙁

    1. Well said Kimi………..I am angry because it didn’t cost 100 or 200 rupees, even if that was the case, why dump it into Indian markets

  18. omg Rati..feel bad for u..I got the original 8 hour cream last month (was suffering from chapped lips) and the manufacturing date was 2012 so picked up gladly..be careful next time..cant trust any brand.. :spank:

  19. EA…. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:
    I’m gonna be careful from now on…..thanku Rati for sharing…. :-*
    and the cosmetic calculator is somehting new for me…. :specs: :specs: :specs: checking it out!

  20. I have used EA products few years ago, from Hongkong and i must tell you a strict warning should be issued for these products not only in india but outside as well. these are one of the worst well acclaimed products i have come across.. and i have totally banned at my home …..:P

  21. it’s kinda sad that I had to go through this with such a renowned name. 🙁 But honestly why wouldnt any brand have a manufacturing date written on their boxes. :spank: My skin is better now. Thank you everyone.

    1. Rati, there is a law that says every cosmetic item be it perfume, cosmetic or toiletories that is manufactured should have mfg date and best before date or months specified on Point after opening ( this is a logo of a lid opening and 12M or 24M is written next to it). The irony is most of these are inkject coded ( not printed) and these can be removed by any standard nail polish remover. There are chances that the distributor or the warehouse guys removed it as it is an expensive products and they did not want to throw it away.

      You should do a note to Elizabeth Arden on this quality issue, they would reply.

  22. We have to be more careful and ensure that any cosmetic or skin care product that does not have Manufactured date or expiry/use before date, should not be brought, be it a branded product or Mass market product.

  23. sorry to hear about this horrible experience rati! :nababana: it can happen with anyone…our indian laws are very lax compared to the other developed countries…so such MNCs don’t have to worry about paying huge compensation to the victims…it’s sick how they can get away with it so easily. :pan: :pan: :pan: :pan: :sick:

  24. Sorry to hear about this horrid experience imagine a reputed brand from a reputed store can do this so what happens wen we purchase less reputed brands :spank:

  25. This is very sad, I don’t know why such renowed brands would do this to us, why do we have to pay a heavy price (monetary as well as emotionally) for using their products. This is a very sorry state of affairs 🙁

  26. Hey Rati and Sanjeev,

    I think you should take up the case not only to Shoppers Stop, but also to Elizabeth Arden. Look for their importers address and then, tell them you can sue them for damages and trauma.

    :yuck: :yuck:

  27. Thanks for sharing this. I also had similar experiences with some other well know brands of cosmetics that are imported(in Shoppers Stop, Hyderabad). I don’t think it is specific to that store however the executives at the stalls very cleverly try to cover up by showing the Import Date (which has nothing to do with the Manufacturing date or Best Before date – neither of which are displayed).

  28. This is really horrible..soon after reading this, I was checking all my products on Cosmetics Calender and realized, my REVLON super lustrous lipstic bought in India, was expired before they sold me:(

  29. i am really not surprised that it turned out to be expired…i make sure i check almost every cosmetic i buy online..specially the imported ones!!have had bad experience with C———– as well!!

  30. The entire thread was very informative. I often pick up my colour cosmetics from Shoppers’ Stop, thinking that it is a very reliable outlet. But the experience was an eye-opener for me…. henceforth shall be extra cautious. Concept of Cosmetic Calculator is very helpful ….. thanks a ton.

  31. Hey,

    I had a similar experience recently.I bought one of their limited edition perfumes from a Shoppers Stop store. Along with the product, I was offered a complimentary Body lotion of the very same collection.
    However, once I reached home and had a look at the complimentary product, I was surprised to realize the missing expiry date.
    Before using the product, I instantly tweeted about the same so as to gather the information asap. And it is very disappointing that a brand as big has failed not only to respond to the query but also has conveniently chosen to ignore the same.
    So, as a consumer, what I have gathered is that Elizabeth Arden as a brand does not care about the after sales experience at all and is definitely not concerned with their consumer well being.
    I feel so disheartened as the owner of an Elizabeth Arden product seeing the state of their responses.I rather spend the same thousands on other better brands and feel happy after owning the product.
    Also, I e-mailed them on their customer support id. No response. This is not done.

    I am not expecting a response to this e-mail either. I believe you must stop selling your products in India if your after sales services are to be restricted to a select few cities around the globe.

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