Water-Only Cleansing Method: Yay or Nay?

Hey Girls,

Have you ever heard about the ‘water-only cleansing method’? There is no soap or facial cleansers included. We’ve all suffered with breakouts and blemishes. I went to my dermatologist and he told me that the best secret to clear and blemish free skin was to cleanse your face with water every single day. He specifically told me to not use any cleansing products, just water and moisturize daily. It worked and 6 months later, my skin is totally blemish free and clearer than ever. You’re probably curious and a little hesitant. Hear me out and you might just be tempted to try it too.

Water Cleansing Method Yay or Nay

No More Tight Skin

On certain skin types, the skin tends to feel tight after the usage of facial cleansers. While all the unwanted oils are being removed from your pores, moisture is stripped from the skin and the skin’s PH levels get messed up. The simple cause would be because of the ingredients and chemicals in facial cleansers.

With pure water, dirt, debris and all the icky stuff in your pores can be removed and you won’t be left with tight skin. Water doesn’t contain anything at all and doesn’t strip moisture from the skin or mess up the PH levels of your skin.

Water Cleansing Method Yay or Nay

Crappy Chemicals Are Easily Removed From Your Routine

Some facial cleansers contain chemicals that’ll harm the skin. Some famous ones would be Parabens, Fragrance (Parfum) and Sodium lauryl sulfate. What part do these ingredients play in a facial cleanser and how does it harm the skin?

• Sodium lauryl sulfate: If a product foams up or it’s a foam cleanser, it probably contains Sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient helps the product foam. It strips your skin of moisture and leaves it feeling dried out. It’s also known to be contaminated with 1, 4-dioxane, a probable human carcinogen according to the EPA. It can also cause possible mutilations and cancer as listed by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews.

• Parabens: We’re always told to avoid this ingredient as it’s a common preservative for facial cleansers. It’s also known to mess with your hormones by acting as a estrogen mimicker.

• Fragrance (Parfum): It makes a product smell amazing but it’s also possibly laced with a bunch of other dangerous chemicals, including endocrine disruptors like phthalates. It can also cause breakouts, problems to the hormone system in small amounts and it’s deadly for sensitive skin girls.

Even though most cleansers are paraben-free these days, most products still contain Fragrance and Sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s still best to steer clear of them and avoid it as much as possible because it is all going on your face.

Water Cleansing Method Yay or Nay

Stinging, Burning And Irradiation No More

Stinging, burning and irradiation are all caused by harmful stripping of the skin. What in a facial cleanser causes these problems? Simple, soap!

Soap strips the skin of its natural oils and leaves your skin tight and dry. When the skin is tight and dry, it’s easily prone to breakouts, stinging, burning, peeling, irradiation, redness and etc. You may think that your skin needs to be squeaky clean, but that might be a little too aggressive for the skin and the skin’s natural oil balance would get messed up.

If you’ve got serious skin issues such as acne, you may need to wash your face more than once in a day. If you’ve got no serious skin condition, once or twice a day would suffice.

Water Cleansing Method Yay or Nay

Naturally Detoxifies Skin

Ever heard of the ‘water detox diet’? It’s a method to cleanse your body and flush out all the unwanted toxins inside. You’re only allowed to drink water, no carbonated drinks, no caffeine and etc. It leaves you healthier inside and out.

Cleansing your skin with only water every night also naturally detoxifies the skin without any harmful effects. Unwanted toxins are washed away and the skin is left clean and blemish-free. Using a facial cleanser would be adding more toxins and chemicals to the skin.

If you’re a little hesitant to try this, don’t be and give it a go. It might not work for everyone, but you could be pleasantly surprised at the results too. I hope it turns out well, have a great one girls! Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Water-Only Cleansing Method: Yay or Nay?

  1. Even if water-only cleansing works, it won’t give me mental satisfaction. I try my best to no use soaps and face wash, and I use besan and honey instead. It makes my skin feel clean and moisturised.

  2. This is soooooo interesting. I am going to try it from today itself! My skin is very oily and acne-prone and this seems tempting 😀 Thank you so much for this lovely article, Natasha 🙂

  3. I can totally vouch for this method. Takes some time but it really does work! The lesser products you put on your face,the more healthy it becomes.

  4. I have combination skin which gets oily and since water can’t remove oil I’m wondering how this will help? Does it work for all skin types? I wouldn’t feel clean unless I’ve used something even if it’s a par avenue free cleanser or natural diy stuff….any thoughts?

  5. You may be right actually… I have never got pimples and skin problems in my life as in the past 1 year! I was blaming the pollution in the big cities but it could be the usage of new products on my face.
    All my school life, I never used any facewash, and my skin was problem-free.

  6. though theoretically this may seem really “Best” for skin, practically it isn’t “GOOD” to use only water as cleanser on daily basis especially if you use “sunscreens”, “moisturizers” , “BB/CC creams” , etc etc…. which most of us “DO” use on daily basis!

    You can expect water to clear superficial dirt and mild oil but water “cannot” clear the skin of the suscreens, creams etc.

    especially at night, when you return home after a tired day at work and travelling in buses/local trains or even on scootys , your face gets oilier and dirtier and a proper face wash is required.

    If one still wants to go ALL natural…. raw milk + besan can be used as a natural cleanser.

  7. Exactly…water cleansing is good for you – if you stay home , and you dont go out much – and dont use any creams , sunscreens , lotions , or any makeup. If you want a natural cleanser , then you should go natural all the way. and that`d mean – not using sunscreen and using protection like a umbrella or a scarf instead. Or if you live in a cool , pollution free mountain region or something.

  8. Cleansing skin is extremely important and has a bigger role than toning or moisturizing. So using only water is definitely not enough if you accumulate dirt and sunscreen during the day.
    Also water detox diet is extremely dangerous for anyone in the long run even if done for a short period of time. Any extreme diet is bad for you. Not recommended.

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