Watsons Peach Scented Shower Gel Review

Hello peeps,
The amazingly flavoured shower gels are the reason that pulls me towards the shower or else I am a lazy bum to have a perfect shower routine. I saw these new body washes by Watsons and planned on purchasing them since they looked very budget-friendly and cute. I picked 2 variants; the peach one and the lavender one. So here is the peach one to start with since it is summer time!
watsons peach scented shower gel

Price: $5/Rs 335 for 1000 ml (Retails at Rs 650 in India)

Product Description by Watsons:
Watsons Peach Scented Shower Gel thoroughly cleanses your body and helps your skin retain moisture. Containing Peach Extract to help tone and soften your skin, this shower gel leaves your skin clean with a light and refreshing peach aroma.

Pump directly onto the palm of your hand or a sponge. Work into lather and apply on body, then rinse off.

My Experience with Watsons Peach Scented Shower Gel:

Packaging: The peach shower gel comes in a huge see-through bottle with the orange coloured liquid loaded inside it. The packaging is kept pretty simple and no quirkiness at all added on it. It nicely describes the shower gel and tells us how to use it. The see-through bottle makes it very convenient to spot the amount of shower gel left. It is really big in size since it is 1 litre bottle, so definitely not travel-friendly. The best part about this shower gel is the pump nozzle. It nicely sits on my shower shelf and one pump gives me enough quantity for one time use. So, no flaws in the packaging except for the fact that they don’t have smaller size options.

Fragrance and Consistency: The consistency of the shower gel is like a liquid gel. It isn’t as thick as a gel but I can very well notice the gel consistency. The shower gel is runny and hence I always use it with a loofah because such consistency creates great lather. It foams up really well on my skin and I can use it for a close shave as well. The scent is really fresh and soothing. It smells of fresh and juicy peaches. The scent is very refreshing so great for day-time. It is sweet but mild and hence it does not last after the shower.
pump dispenser

Results: The body wash cleanses the skin very well and removes all the dirt and impurities. Also currently my skin gets a lot oily and this removes all the excess oil leaving my skin fresh and clean. It works nothing different than a usual shower gel but getting this much quantity for that price is a great deal. It leaves the skin fresh and bright which is totally needed during the hotter days of the month. Yes it feels soft initially but the soft feel is pretty temporary. It is gentle to the skin like a baby wash. It keeps the skin hydrated and does not itch me in any ways. It nicely does its job in 2 minutes.
Overall a good body wash but nothing that great!

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Pros of Watsons Peach Scented Shower Gel:

• Huge bottle which is loaded with 1000 ml of shower gel.
• Cheap for the huge quantity offered.
• The packaging is great with a huge pump nozzle and the bottle filled with orange liquid.
• The price is great for the quantity offered because this will go on for a very long time.
• Soothing scent of juicy and fresh peaches which is mild and sweet.
• The body wash is a gel formula which is very gentle on the skin.
• It cleans the skin very well and makes it look super fresh.
• It does not dry up the skin in anyways.
• Variants and different flavours to choose from like lavender, rose, peach etc.

Cons of Watsons Peach Scented Shower Gel:

• Limited availability in India.
• The fragrance doesn’t stay after rinsing.
• Average; nothing very great.

IMBB Rating: 3.7/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Watsons Peach Scented Shower Gel?
Repurchase – No this huge bottle will go a long way!
Recommend – yes, if you are on a hunt for a budget-friendly, family size shower gel, go pick your favourite scent from these!

Conclusion: Got one more from them, the lavender one, but I liked this one more since the scent is very fresh and summery!

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