Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask Review

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I have always been attracted to Korean skin-care and an essential part of their skin-care regimen is sheet masks. They keep a bunch of sheet masks at home to pamper their skin. I got 3 sheet masks from Watsons and this one is called Red Wine. Scroll to get more details!

Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask Review

Price: RM 6.90/Rs 115
Product Description: Watsons Antioxidant Facial Mask with Red Wine contains polyphenols to combat free radicals and aid skin rejuvenation, leaving you with more refined and supple looking skin.
Directions: Gently place the mask onto your face after cleansing. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Gently massage the remaining essence into the skin. Use 2-3 times per week for optimal results.

Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask How to Use

My Experience with Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask:

Packaging: These sheet masks attracted me the moment I saw them! They come in really pretty colourful shades and I would love to have these in my vanity. This one, in particular, is a red wine one and hence comes in a bright pink packaging. It has yellow fonts over it, which make the entire packaging look very quirky. Since these come in sachets, it is super easy to carry them all around. Similarly, they are very easy to use too. Just tear one, put it on and forget about it. It has all the details nicely mentioned on its back.

Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask

Feel on the skin and scent: Usually, the sheet masks are bigger than my face size and they don’t fit properly, but this one was a perfect size and sat nicely on my skin. The mask was soft and felt very gentle when I was putting it on my skin. It stuck nicely to my face and stayed put for like 20 minutes or so. It was pretty wet, which means it was loaded with the essence. I usually keep a sheet mask on for 20 minutes and then the edges start coming off on their own, that’s when I get to know that it is the time to remove it. The essence did inject all the moisture in my face within those 20 minutes.

Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask Claims

Results: The essence was huge in quantity so, after removal, a lot of essence was there on my face which I used for a nice massage till it completely got absorbed. My skin felt amazingly hydrated after using this and this gave all the moisture that my skin was lacking. My face initially felt very fresh but the results were temporary. The dryness from my face had gone away and the next morning my skin felt and looked healthier.

My facial skin felt really soft to touch and I did not need a moisturiser after this. I got a very natural glow after using this. Although it did not make my skin look any brighter, it made my skin look better with a smooth texture and amazing softness. The main purpose was hydration, which it gave, but I would prefer a mask that gives my skin hydration and brightness both.

Watsons Antioxidant Facial Mask

Pros of Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask:

⦁ The packaging looks utterly cute and attractive
⦁ A variety of options to choose from
⦁ Affordable
⦁ A good, hassle-free option to pamper your skin
⦁ Was drenched in essence and it fit my face perfectly
⦁ Had a calming effect
⦁ A super relaxing powdery and perfumed scent
⦁ Gave my skin a boost of hydration and moisture
⦁ My skin felt soft, smooth and bouncy
⦁ It took away all the dryness from my face

Cons of Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask:

⦁ Temporary effects
⦁ No brightness or freshness on my face
⦁ Skin texture felt the same after an hour of using it

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask?
Yes, I do recommend it! These are cost-friendly and easy to use too. You can pick any variant as they all work the same way.
I have observed that these sheet masks work the same way; they are just put in different colours with different names to maximise the selling!

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