Watson’s Round Puffs Review

Watson’s Round Puffs

Hello dearies,

Happy Navratri to all of you..!! My review for today is a product which is one of the basic necessities of our skin care routine. I had seen many reviews saying that we should start using 100% pure cotton instead of the regular cotton that we use in the first aid kit. So one fine day when I went shopping to a drugstore, I picked a packet of cotton puffs up and it was a really good transformation from those hard rough cotton balls to these soft flat cotton rounds. Read to know more about these.

Price: Rs. 120 for 100 puffs

Watson's Round Puffs

Product description:

Watsons round puffs are made up of lint free, premium quality cotton. This beautifully soft puff has superior absorbency and is ideal for all your cosmetic and skincare needs.


Ideal for applying cleanser, toner or nail polish remover.Also suitable for personal care and baby care.

How do I like the Watson’s round puffs:

I really wanted to try out these cotton rounds and puffs because they seem to be very convenient to use and yes they were actually. Earlier I had a big role of cotton and I had to pull out the required amount and the stack was so hard that it used to consume half of my energy. I got these at a pretty cheap price and the quantity given is soo damn great. I got 100 puffs at this price and I am using them since quite a time now, I guess it has been a month and I am loving them. They come in a big long cylindrical packet which is made up of plastic and it has a thread which you can pull like the haversack bags and close it up. All the instructions are given behind the packet itself. The puffs come in pure white colour and are quite big in size so as to wipe the make-up from the entire face and neck as well or to apply a toner.
Watson's Round Puffs (3)

I use almost 3 to 4 such cotton rounds in a day once to apply my toner, to remove my make-up and also to apply the moisturiser at times. They claim to be made up of 100% pure cotton which is I think very good for the skin. The main thing what I like about these is that they do not leave the cotton residue on the skin which was a big problem with the normal cotton. Those small small threads of cotton use to just go inside my eyes while cleaning the eye make-up and after wearing lenses for the whole day of something like that happens then I get really irritated. They are very soft and smooth in case of applying a toner but while removing my eye and face make-up what I noticed was that the cotton puff use to easily tear away just in one wipe on eye and then wiping the make-up with small bits becomes difficult but what I do is I fold it half and it becomes a bit fat and I gain a grip over it and then it becomes easy to wipe the make-up. Overall I would say that all of us should start using pure cotton because let’s keep our skin also happy and ultimately we will be happy lol.

Watson's Round Puffs (4)

Pros of Watson’s Round Puffs:

-Affordable and really good price offered by the brad
-The quantity is huge and I am using it since a month now and it still seems full
-Has a closing like the haversack bag so that dust does not enter into the packet
-Easy to carry and use too
-The texture is very soft and smooth
-Those little threads or cotton residue does not come out when wiping the make-up off which happens in case of normal cotton
-Removes everything very effectively with a single cotton puff

Watson's Round Puffs (1)

Cons of Watson’s Round Puffs:

-Tears off or gets separated very easily

Will I repurchase/ recommend Watson’s cotton puffs?

Yes ofcourse I am going to get these again as soon as I finish my packet and I would tell everyone of you to try these out as they are cheap and effective too. And I would also like to tell people to shift to pure cotton rounds instead of the normal cotton and your skin is going to totally love it.

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  1. happy navratri to you and all at imbb… *pompom* *pompom*

    that is quite a good amount for the price *clap* you could try bella cotton round or ovals they are pretty good doesn’t tear off easily

    1. Yes it was a great deal at this price *drool* *drool* ohhh yaaa thanks for reminding… i always wanted to try those too *happydance* great that it does not tear of easily *happy dance*

      1. *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much Jomol di *puchhi* go get it and you will really like it *pompom* *pompom* and those bella cotton rounds are available online too… try them out if you want *happydance*

      1. *thankyou* *thankyou* very much ritika *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* and Neha di try them … they would be good to wipe off the lippies after the swatches *happy dance* would be great use to you *puchhi*

  2. saloni where do u get such affordable stuff yaar *woot* *woot* I would love to get these. Thanks for the review *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* very much Sweetie *happy dance* *happy dance* i got this randomly from beauty shop in kandivali, mumbai….. *pompom* *pompom* hope you can find them too *happy dance* and your welcome too *happydance*

  3. I am using Bella one !!! *happy dance* I sometimes separate it into two and use it two times and do some kanjoosi *hihi*

  4. try the bare essentials one saloni…its too good.. *puchhi* .and does not get separated…here i am using using Johnson’s make up removal pads *announce* tehey are good too,wil review it sometime *yawn*

    1. I don’t think yaha pe johnson’s wala milega but still i’ll try to find it *happy dance* after reading your review *puchhi* chalo i’ll try bare essentials and bella *happy dance*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* shooo much Megha *happy dance* *happy dance* the best thing you can go for is online shopping for the stuff you don’t have in your city *hifive* *hifive*

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