Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton Review

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We always need these cotton pads in our life to keep the skin squeaky clean, apply the toner, remove makeup and much more. I do not like use medical cotton because it is too rough for the skin. Hence I always keep these packs handy which I use every-day before bed-time. Scroll to read how these worked for my skin.

Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton

Price: Rs 225 for 190 pieces
Product Description by Watsons:
Watsons Square Puffs are made from lint free, premium quality cotton. This beautifully soft puff has superior absorbency, and is ideal for all your cosmetic and skincare needs.

Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton details

My Experience with Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton:

Packaging: The Watsons Square Puffs come in a big rectangular packet which is made up of plastic with little designs over it. The pack is very handy but storage is an issue because it does not have any zip lock. But I keep the pack in my drawer and pull one out whenever needed. All the instructions are given behind the packet itself. The puffs come in pure white colour and are quite big in size so as to wipe the make-up from the entire face and neck as well or to apply a toner. The quantity is pretty huge according to the price and one pack goes a long way since I use only one per day. So I would say it is good in quality with a great price.

Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton description

Feel on the skin: They claim to be made up of 100% pure cotton which I think is very good for the skin. The main thing what I like about these is that they do not leave the cotton residue on the skin which was a big problem with the normal cotton. They are very soft and gentle on the skin. They glide smoothly on my face to get rid of the makeup. There is no much tugging or pulling involved since the quality is good. But the pads are not sealed from the edges which separate while removing the makeup and tears up at times.

Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton packaging

Results: The cotton pads very effectively remove all the makeup from the face. One cotton pad is enough to clean my face and neck. If I have heavy makeup on, then I use a fresh one to clean my eyes. For the toner I feel one is more than enough. Everything gets applied perfectly and I think these are totally worth the money.

Pros of Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton:

• Big pack and very handy.
• Affordable.
• Very soft and gentle on the skin.
• Great quality.
• 100% pure cotton.
• Removes all the makeup and dirt without a lot of tugging and pulling.
• Much better than medical cotton.

Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton one unit

Cons of Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton:

• Gets separated easily while wiping off the makeup.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton?
Yes surely! These are very essential, so once this pack gets over I will pick up another one. If you want a god quantity at a good price, then do consider this.
Conclusion: Watsons is one brand which is very budget-friendly and provides amazing quantity.

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