Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo – Beer Review

Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo Beer

So, I went to the beauty center the other day to buy my favorite Organix shampoos and guess what? I forgot to carry enough cash *Bummer* I wasn’t leaving without a shampoo though, so I strolled around and picked this one up. I wanted to buy the Park Avenue Beer shampoo but somehow it is always out of stock or not available. So I ended up buying this beer shampoo. This shampoo is formulated for fine and thinning hair. My hair has no such problem went left open but when I tie them they don’t look as thick. So I avoid plaits and pony tails.

Watsons Volumizing Treatment  Shampoo Beer

Read on to know what I think about the product.


Rs 230 for 400 ML


• Formulated with beer
• Cleans and adds body to hair
• Enriched with hydrolyzed wheat protein, leaves hair full of bounce and vitality
Promising right?

Shelf Life:

3 years


Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo Beer ingredients

My experience with Watsons Volumizing treatment shampoo Beer:

Packaging: It is a plastic pump type bottle, transparent to indicate quantity. Cannot be carried around, you will need to carry it in a separate bottle while travelling.

Texture and smell: Texture is like regular shampoos cream type, similar to Pantene or Dove, but golden in color. It is a little runny. I used it by diluting in water. It smells like a normal shampoo again, chemical fragrance type. The smell reminds me of wheat germ oil conditioner by UltraDoux.

Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo Beer (2)

Well, coming to the product results, it wasn’t a failed choice. It lathers well and cleans scalp removing all the excess of oil. It did not dry out my hair. Also it has a nice fragrance which stayed on for the entire day. Now coming to the volumizing claims- It does add a little volume but it feels more like a frizz initially, for the first few hours you’ll regret using the shampoo but then it settles just fine and hair behaves normally. PS I dry my hair naturally so it wasn’t the blow drying. Now using the shampoo alone is no good. It will make your hair frizzy and tangled. Even though the frizz might become smoother later on, the tangle persists. So I always follow the shampoo with a conditioner and some leave on conditioner. Now gel type shampoos suit my hair better than the cream types, but then this shampoo showed results just like gel ones except for the entire tangle situation. It did not cause any hairfall or irritation whatsoever. It is ideal for all hair types. It doesn’t dry out hair, actually just the initial few hours after shampooing can be annoying, but it reduced by regular usage. It is almost like it takes time to get acquainted to your hair.

Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo Beer (3)

Now if you notice the ingredients it has a lot of chemicals especially sulfates and parabens.
Summing up….

Pros of Watsons Volumizing treatment shampoo Beer:

• Lathers and cleans well
• Doesn’t cause hairfall
• Did add a little volume to hair.
• Cheap
• Pleasant smell
• Didn’t cause hairfall or irritate skin.

Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo Beer (6)

Cons of Watsons Volumizing treatment shampoo Beer:

• Initially hair becomes frizzy for a few hours
• Needs conditioner to back it up.
• Hair may tangle.
• Not travel friendly.
• Contains lot of chemicals especially SLS and parabens.
• Availability

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase or recommend Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo – Beer?

NO! I just forgot to carry cash! I will always buy Organix. But if you are low on budget and don’t mind all the chemicals you can try this, it is almost like any other drugstore type shampoos. Other than that there is no reason for which you should switch from your sulfate free shampoo to this one.

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12 thoughts on “Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo – Beer Review

  1. I dunno but i so want to try the “beer” shampoos.. *haan ji* Am scared to change my shampoo as my hair had started to become healthy after a long time.. 🙁 Nice review dear..

  2. I use organix too *woot* *hifive* and not going to switch till the time i find a better one *clap* but i don’t think anything is better than organix for my hair *happy dance* *happy dance*

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