Watsons Warm Vanilla Sugar Energizing Body Lotion Review

Skin tone: Medium fair, warm undertones
Skin type: Combination, sensitive and acne prone

Hello everyone,

Today, I am reviewing Watsons Warm Vanilla Sugar Energizing Body Lotion. Read on to know more about the product.

Price and Quantity: 129 PHP or 185 INR approx. for 532ml

My Experience with Watsons Warm Vanilla Sugar Energizing Body Lotion:

The packaging of the body lotion is nice. It comes in a light yellow colored inverted plastic bottle. The bottle bears a label at its back, bearing the entire necessary information about the product. It has a large white colored flip top cap that shuts nicely making a click sound and it ensures that the bottle is leak-proof. The packaging is definitely very nice and sturdy. But, this huge 532ml bottle is really very bulky to carry around. Therefore, it is not very travel-friendly. I wish they had different size options.

The body lotion is a cream colored liquid with a medium thick consistency. The body lotion has a typical vanilla fragrance that is not very pleasant to sniff. The smell is too strong and sweet. Personally, I am not a fan of such fragrances. The smell is surely bothersome for people with sensitive noses. The smell lingers for quite some time and later on it can be sniffed very close to the skin.

The consistency of this lotion is pretty thick. So, I feel this is a good option for dry skin. The lotion spreads very nicely on the skin within no time but it requires a little massage for around a minute or two to get absorbed by the skin nicely. Once it is fully absorbed, it does not leave any oily layer behind. My skin looks perfectly matte and lustrous after applying the body lotion. There is no slippery feel left behind. It does not make my skin greasy even in hot and humid weather here. So, it is definitely a perfect body lotion for summers as we need something which is moisturizing yet non-greasy.

The thick and creamy formula is very moisturising and it provides enough hydration for harsh winters too. The product does not come with any SPF, which limits its use to indoors only. The formula is really moisturizing for my dry skin. It keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated for some 5-6 hours of application and my super dry skin seeks a reapplication after that. Overall, I am really impressed with the quality of this body lotion. Watsons offers really good quality and quantity at an affordable price tag.

Pros of Watsons Warm Vanilla Sugar Energizing Body Lotion:

• Good packaging
• Sweet fragrance
• Good consistency
• Spreads well
• Gets absorbed by the skin nicely
• Does not leave any oily sheath behind
• Moisturizes the skin nicely
• Keeps skin hydrated
• Great option for hot and humid weather
• Works great in winters too on my dry skin

Cons of Watsons Warm Vanilla Sugar Energizing Body Lotion:

• Bulky packaging
• No smaller sizes available
• No SPF
• Strong smell

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Watsons Warm Vanilla Sugar Energizing Body Lotion?
Yes to both.

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