Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush Review

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Continuing on our brush journey, today’s review is on Wayne Goss’s new brush – #12 Sculpting Brush. Let us find out more about this brush.

Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush Review

Price: $53
Product Description:
Take the guesswork out of sculpting and shaping your face with Wayne’s first choice for contouring and highlighting: Brush 12. The cashmere-soft, undyed bristles and custom-shaped design add definition and dimension to the planes of the face in a simple sweep.

How to Use:
Pull Brush 12’s flat edge along the hollows of cheeks and jawline to sculpt and contour the face. Brush along the cheekbones with medium pressure to apply blush, highlighter, and bronzer.
The brush came in a cellophane/BOPP sheath. Simple packaging, no fanfare.

My Experience with Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush:

Hair type:
Goat hair. Wayne has not specified which type of goat’s hair are used but they are incredibly soft. Despite being densely packed, the bristles don’t splay out haphazardously. They are held tightly together and never feel even the slightest bit scratchy or uncomfortable.

Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush Packaging

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Hair colour:
White un-dyed goat hair.

To be used with:
For use with powders, liquids and cream products.

Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush handle

The brush is unlike any other brush in my stash. It is something between a dome-shaped brush and a flat contour brush. Or say, it looks like half a fan brush. Basically, it is super dense but pinched at the ferrule giving it a flat surface on either side with the top of the brush tapering a bit. So the top of the brush head is neither sharp like a NARS Ita Brush nor does it come to a point, creating a very unique shape.

Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush Bristles

The brush is designed for sculpting. The brush head has been designed to apply your contour, highlighter, bronzer or blush. It helps create dimensions on your face.

When I first got this brush, I just couldn’t get it to work for sculpting/contouring. I would take the product on the top of the brush head and try using it like I would use my NARS Ita brush but it just wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t get the definition I wanted and it would make everything look muddy. I gave up on it and complained to my friend how unhappy I was with it.

She suggested that I use it as a blush brush instead to sweep the blush on the cheeks. I tried that and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the brush as a blush brush. It would lay the product and diffuse it effectively. Still, wasn’t happy that I couldn’t get it to work for contour.

One issue that I faced this time around with Wayne’s brushes was that he did not create individual videos demonstrating the application method of the new collection of brushes – the way he had done it when he had launched his first set of brushes.

One day while watching some review and demonstration videos of the Sonia G Sculpting Brushes – something just clicked in my mind. I realized I was using the brush all wrong for sculpting. In effect, the shape of the brush is quite like the Sonia G’s sculpting brushes; the only difference being that it is not shaped as a full fan brush. It’s like, this one is the middle one-third of a Sonia G Sculpting Fan Brush! So, I decided to use It accordingly.

Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush Goat Hair

Instead of taking the product on the top of the brush head take the product on the flat side of the brush. The flat side fits in beautifully into the hollow of my cheeks giving them the blended out shadow of a sculpt. Perfect!! Sometimes the smaller change can make such an impact. Now, I love the brush for sculpting and constantly reach for it. Yes, it can apply blush and highlighter effectively too. But I love using it for sculpting – contouring and bronzing!

Pros of Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush:

• Well made, balanced brush.
• Natural white goat hair.
• Effective for its identified job.
• Does not shed on washing.
• Quite a workhorse.
• Gives a controlled application.
• Extremely soft bristles.
• Medium length of the handle.

Cons of Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush:

• Nothing at all.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

I love this brush now. It was a matter of understanding the contours of the brush correctly. Had I figured this out sooner, I probably would not have bought the Sonia G Sculpting brushes. Ha! Who am I kidding? I probably still would have got them. But you know what I mean. The review on those coming up soon.

Would I Recommend Wayne Goss 12 Sculpting Brush?

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