Wayne Goss Brush 02 Review

Wayne Goss Brush 02 Review

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This review will be on the Wayne Goss Brush 02.

Wayne Goss Brush

Product Description:

Brush 02 is soft enough for applying any powder product – like bronzer, blush, or highlighter – over foundation without disturbing it. The natural, un-cut, tapered hair provides seamless application when applying products such as bronzer, blush, or highlighter.  Handcrafted in Japan. Cruelty free.

Wayne Goss Brush



Wayne Goss Brush

My Experience with Wayne Goss Brush 02:

Please read my review on Wayne Goss Brush 01 here.  The brush handle is wooden and coated with a glossy black overlay. It is neither too heavy or light in weight and fits perfectly and feels comfortable in hand.  This Wayne Goss Brush 02 is described as a multi-purpose powder brush. I absolutely adore this brush. This is the perfect brush size to apply any type of powder product on the face. I use it to set my under eye concealer, to powder my t zone, to apply blush, bronzer and highlight, you name it. Basically, I use this for everything for my face except my foundation.

Wayne Goss Brush

I love that the brush comes up to a tapered pointed end which makes it a perfect size to do contouring with. It gets right in the hollows of the cheeks, the sides of forehead and even the sides of the nose with relative ease. It also gets right under the eye and applies setting powder in one smooth quick motion. It is a bit small to use as a blush brush and all over powder brush, but if you want to do a precise application of those, this is a perfect size. It also can be used for applying highlighter at the precise tops of the cheekbones and the pointed end can also help apply it on the brow bone.

The bristles are so soft I could keep rubbing this brush on my face all day long. Unlike the bristles on the Wayne Goss Brush 01, which is made up of a blend of goat and synthetic hair, the bristles on this one are made up of blue squirrel hair which is known for its softness and is used in many high-end brushes namely Hakuhodo brushes which Rati has so kindly reviewed for us.

Wayne Goss Brush

Since I only use this product for powder application, I do not have to wash it very often. After every use, I just wipe it over a clean tissue and it releases all the color powder right off. I wash it once every 2 weeks. It is not recommended to use squirrel hair brushes for cream/liquid products. You need a much resilient bristle like goat hair for that which is in Wayne Goss Brush 01.

Even though the bristles are soft, they have a slight resistance and spring to them which means the bristles spring back to their shape after losing contact from the skin. This brush hasn’t shed at all till now.

For brush care, it is important to use a mild shampoo and also to use a brush guard to help retain its shape and prevent the bristles from getting out of shape.  Treat and care for them like your hair.

Wayne Goss Brush

Overall, I simply love this brush. I usually am not a fan natural hair bristle brushes, but the softness, the cut of the brush and multipurpose usage of this has won me over. I will recommend this.

Wayne Goss Brush

Pros of Wayne Goss Brush 02:

  • Very soft bristles, feels like silk gliding on skin.
  • Effortless application of powder products.
  • Multipurpose usage, can be used for bronzer, blush, highlight, powdering T zone or setting under eye.
  • Sturdy handle which feels very comfortable in the hand.

Cons of Wayne Goss Brush 02:

  • Natural hair bristles tend to be delicate and need special care like using a mild shampoo, reshaping bristles after washing and being gentle with them.

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Wayne Goss Brush No 1
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  1. Neha, natural hair brushes kind of grosses me out 🙁 goat hair, squirrel hair is okay 🙂 and that’s kind of strange 😛

    1. I know the prospect of natural brushes may freak some people out.. but i rest with the fact that these are 100% cruelty free.. if u still cant rest there are array of option of synthetic brushes which I will be reviewing especially for u in the near future *wink wink*

  2. So glad to see a Wayne Goss Brush inIMBB! Wayne is one of my favourite youtuber n makeup artist! He gives AMAZING tutorials on various looks and explains everything so that we can understand! I just love him!

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