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Time for a brush review. This one is from Wayne Goss’s collection — available exclusively at Beautylish — who has “temporarily suspended shipping to India”! I could cry right now! 2 minutes silence, please! This brush is part of his eye collection. I have reviewed a couple of brushes from his collection, the eye brush 08, 16, 17, 19, 20. And, hope to review some of his new ones too, soon. In the interim, let’s see how 07 Precision Lip Brush performs.

Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush Review

Price: $17
Product Description:
Create crisp lines on eyes and lips with a handcrafted brush designed for incredible precision.
About Brush 07: Designed for lipstick and eye liner, this tiny brush’s natural bristles boast the perfect amount of stiffness for incredible precision. Get crisp lines on lips and eyes—or highlight targeted parts of the brow bone and cupid’s bow.
Why It’s Special: Get sharper, more precise lines than the average lip or eye liner brush, thanks to bristles that offer the perfect combination of stiffness and softness. The flat shape offers the angles you need to focus product exactly where you want it, whether you’re tightlining your eyes or filling your brows. Each brush is carefully handmade in Kumano, Japan by more than 20 artisans using traditional brush making techniques.
How to Use: Angling the brush on its side, glide along the outline of the mouth to line lips. Use the full face of the bristles to fill in lip color and contour the lips. We also love Brush 07 for applying eye liner to the lashline, tightlining the eyes, smudging kohl, filling in the brows, and applying tiny amounts of concealer.

Other Details:
Total length of brush: 140 mm
Length of bristles: 4 mm
Hair type: Natural

My Experience with Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush:

Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush Review Brush

Wayne Goss brushes are known for being amazing. They are made in Kumano district of Japan, which is THE Mecca of brushes. And, the best part about the Wayne Goss brushes is that you do not need to break the bank to buy these. The number 07 brush is listed as a Precision Lip Brush, but it can be used for the lips or the eyes, both. I wouldn’t suggest alternating between the two, though.

Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush Review Bristles

Hair: As per the website, natural hair is used to make this brush. Since the brush is branded as a lip brush, it would be safe to say that it isn’t made of squirrel hair, which would get spoiled easily with the use of a cream/liquid product and subsequent washings. Irrespective of the hair being used, it is fairly soft and non-irritating.

Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush Review Number

Shape: The brush itself has an extremely small flat head like that of the NARS Smudger Brush, but it is less thick which makes it functionally different. The bristles are the length of a regular angled liner brush. The brush is compact, very thin and pinched flat. The brush hairs are tightly packed so that they give the required stiffness for lining but still have the tiniest give. Despite having the stiffness, it is extremely soft and very gentle on your delicate eye area. It is about double the size of a Wayne Goss 08 Brush. Wayne’s brushes’ handles are relatively smaller which helps in allowing you to get closer to the mirror. Also, they feel light in the hand but well balanced.

Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush Review Bristles Close up

Use: Considering the shape, the brush is meant for more detailed work. Though at first look, it may resemble the NARS Smudger, it works fairly differently. As the name implies, NARS Smudger works well for a smudged smokey look as it helps to blend and diffuse the color. However, in the case of this brush, since it is thinner and has very little give, it can diffuse the shade a little bit but wouldn’t really help with a full on smokey smudged look.

Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush Review Side view

Instead, it is quite a multi-tasker and can be used for the following purposes:
1. Application of lipstick. The brush allows you to have a lot of control to get precise crisp lines. However, considering the size of the brush, filling in the lips can be a bit of pain because you need to keep going back to load the brush with more product. It seems more ideal for lip lining, which works well because you can line the lips with this and then fill in directly with the bullet.
2. Works well for applying liner, either with a gel product or with pressed powder eyeshadow.
3. Can be used for tightlining too.
4. Works well for detailed highlighting – inner corner, brow bone, cupid’s brow.
5. You can use it for softly diffusing the eyeliner. It cannot really do too much blending because it has very little give. But, it definitely can diffuse more than, say, the Wayne Goss 08 eye brush.

Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush Review Collage

The EOTD that I have shared, I have used a liquid liner or the top lash line black. The shadow applied on the lower line and flicked out is by using this brush. I find the brush indispensable. It is such a multitasker.

Pros of Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush:

  • Extremely soft and well crafted
  • Light but well-balanced handle
  • Short length of handle; allows you to go close to the mirror while using it
  • Brush is a multi-tasker and can be used for a host of applications
  • It is meant for more detailed, precise application
  • Can be used for lips or eyes
  • Bristles are extremely soft
  • Does not shed
  • Being natural bristled, excellent with picking up the product
  • Made in Japan
  • Cruelty free

Cons of Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush:

  • While it works well for precision lip lining, I don’t think it’s the ideal brush for filling in the lip color because of its size

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush?
Well, the answer depends on your makeup style. If you are a newbie or someone who uses makeup occasionally and wanted to pick up just 1-2 of Wayne Goss Eye brushes, then this wouldn’t top the chart. Not because this brush isn’t fabulous, it definitely is, but because I would suggest a crease brush or a blending brush instead because those are the types of brushes one uses every time one does eye makeup. However, if you are someone who is proficient in doing makeup or uses makeup regularly and would like brushes for more detailed work or who has enough crease and blending brushes and wants to look at fresher shapes — I’d say go for this. You will love the versatility it brings to the plate while remaining amazingly soft. Totally recommend it!

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