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I truly believe that tools can make or break a look. The right ones can make it and can even ensure that the not-so-great products perform well. Brushes are obviously one of the most important tools in makeup and eye brushes can really really make a difference. I have been wanting to review brushes and do write ups about brushes in general, but haven’t been able to. Do let me know, through comments, if you would like an in-depth series on brushes…


Product Description:
Brush 08 – Precision. Brush 08 is a brush for precision. It makes tightlining easy, so that you can work close to the lashline without smearing color onto the lids. When used to fill in brows, it gives you the perfect natural look. Wayne calls it the “smallest push liner brush you’ve ever seen.”  Handcrafted in Japan. Cruelty free.
US$46/INR 4500

My Experience with Wayne Goss Brush #08:

I think brush users fall in pretty much 4 categories:
1. The ones who haven’t found the world of brushes yet. They are okay with the brushes which come along with products. They make do with it and still make their look work.


2. The second stage is people who want to experiment with brushes or have understood that they are kind of important, but they are yet unwilling to go overboard – so stick with the more affordable ranges in the market.

3. This is the makeup enthusiast who has realised how important brushes are and will go all out to build their collection. MAC, KVD, TF, Sigma, Chanel, Tom Ford, etc – they hold no bars.

4. This is the crazy lot – the ones who have discovered Japanese art of brush making. Once you reach this stage – God help you! Because there is no going back. Your brush collection will probably cost equal to your makeup collection.

Thankfully, I haven’t reached the stage 4 – YET! I did experiment with some Japanese brushes some time back – in store – but had to hold back because I just couldn’t afford them! Period.

That’s when I turned my attention to the Wayne Goss Brushes. These brushes are made in Japan but won’t break your bank in price. I have a small collection of these, as you can see in the pic, which has been made over a period of a year because they aren’t cheap. But, I do feel that they are still cheaper than most hand-crafted Japanese brushes. I am not saying that Japanese brushes aren’t worth their price – they probably are – considering the amount of time, skill and the quality of hair employed, but that is a whole different story.


Quick info on Wayne Goss – though most readers will probably already know of him. He is a UK-based MUA. He has been on the YouTube scene since ages and is known for his quick makeup tip videos and the cute wink of his eyes with which he ends all his videos. He, recently, launched his own brush line. The brushes are made in Japan, supposedly in the Hakuhodo factory, but there is no confirmation on that. They are sold exclusively through Beautylish in US. Beautylish does deliver worldwide including, to India. Apparently, the brushes vie in quality to the Hakuhodo ones but are comparatively easier on the pocket.


Back to the brush in hand – this is the smallest, teeny-tiniest brush head you will ever come across on a brush. Some people have compared it to the NARS Smudger. However, it isn’t even close. It’s way smaller than the NARS Smudger, it’s that small and has a totally different purpose from the NARS Smudger.

The brush is probably horse hair or pony. The bristles are stiff in the sense that they hold upright but are still soft and have enough give that they don’t hurt the eye area.


The brush is meant to be used for tightlining or to push liner between the lashes – to give the impression of fuller lashes without the use of an eyeliner. This is an absolute boon for girls with hooded eyes or monolids. Why? The girls on YouTube put these broad eyeliner and do this feline makeover and we try the same look, what happens? The liner appears more on our crease than on our lash line! Yes, it transfers because of our hooded eyes! Enter the concept of tightlining or pushing the liner/eyeshadow between the lashes base. This gives the appearance of fuller lashes, defined eyes, without any concern of it transferring to the crease area.


So, you might wonder, why bother with a brush which is so specific in use – most of the people don’t even tight-line. Right? Agreed. However, when I bought this brush, it wasn’t for the tightlining. At that time, i never used to tighline anyway. I bought this specifically to apply bright eyeshadow on my lower lash line! This brush allows you to apply the eyeshadow in an extremely controlled manner and in a thinnest possible line. So, when used to apply a bright shade – you get the bright pop of colour without it being too loud. I have shared the #EOTD where I have used it to apply multi-coloured eyeshadows on my lower lash line and then winged it out.


So, you can basically use this brush for intricate eye work or when you want to place a colour in very controlled manner. The use is not restricted to tightlining only.

And the brush bristles are so soft that they don’t hurt the delicate eye area – it is an absolute pleasure to use it!

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Wayne Goss Brush #08:

  • Extremely soft and well crafted.
  • Light but well balanced handle.
  • Short length of handle – allows you to go close to the mirror while using it, which can be a challenge for self-application with brushes which have long handles.
  • Works well for precise and controlled application of eyeshadow.
  • Perfect for tightening or for push lining.
  • Bristles are extremely soft.
  • Does not shed.
  • Being natural bristled, excellent with picking up the product.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Bit of multi-tasker, despite the unusual and small size

Cons of Wayne Goss Brush #08:

  • Nothing.

IMBB Rating:
I absolutely love this brush and would like to keep a backup – God Forbid if Wayne stops manufacturing it! It’s unique shape anyway sets it apart.

Who would need it:
1. People who are a bit proficient in eye makeup and may want to do intricate looks and need detailed placement of shades.
2. Eye makeup newbies like me who want to be lazy and want to uplift their whole look just by using a bright shadow on the lower lash line! 😉
3. Anybody who loves tightlining and is never happy with the pencil liner options available in the market and ends up doing her eyes using a gel liner.
4. Anyone who wants a natural look and not a broad eyeliner makeup.
5. Anyone who has monolids or hooded eyes!
6. So, basically, EVERYBODY!! 😉

Last, it’s not a replacement for a pencil brush or a flat smudger brush (like the one from NARS). The brush head is way too thin and way to small to do be able to diffuse colour effectively.

Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist): Renowned International Makeup Artist
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Wayne Goss Brush #08

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An affordable line of hand made Japanese brushes. Most unique brush shape. Excellent for detail work. Back up worthy!!
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  1. Wayne Goss is amazing! Very good review, Kulpreet. Extremely detailed and you’ve covered all relevant points I was looking for. A very happy new year to you and to Rati, Sanjeev, and all at IMBB! 🙂

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