Wayne Goss Brush 14 Review

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This review will be on Wayne Goss Brush 14.

I have previously reviewed Brush 01 and Brush 02. You can check that out on IMBB 🙂

About Wayne Goss Brush 14 :

In applying and blending powders (bronzer, blush, highlighter), it won’t ever move foundation or any other makeup. Similar to Brush 11, but sized smaller for more detailed work along the cheekbones and around the eyes.
Wayne Goss Brush 14  (1)
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Wayne Goss Brush 14  (1)

My Experience with Wayne Goss Brush 14 :

This brush is described as brush which can be multipurpose for blending out blush, highlighter and bronzer. I absolutely love this brush and am finding many uses for this.

Wayne’s brushes are specifically handcrafted in Japan and made with uncut, cruelty-free animal hair.


The brush looks very sleek and elegant. The brush is slightly weighted but not too heavy and fits comfortably in the hand.


The bristles on this brush are natural hair. I am pretty sure that these brown bristles are goat hair while the black bristles (eg. on Brush 02) is blue squirrel hair. The bristles are very soft and silky smooth to the point that I could rub them on my face all day. The bristles on this brush are loose packed and it is not very dense. The bristles are not stiff instead they are very flexible and bend a bit when placed on the face and have a wiggle/spring to them when you pat them on the hand to remove excess powder.

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All these qualities make it so perfect for powder application. Since the bristles are not tightly packed they do not pick up much too much powder in one go which is perfect if you use this with a highly pigmented blush.

When you use bright pigmented blushes, you have to very careful not to go overboard or you could end up with clown cheeks hence you have do the whole dab, dust and apply motion; but not with this brush. This brush does all of that for you. I find myself never going overboard when I use this brush. The size of the brush is perfect to fit on the apples of my cheeks and the tapered edge deposits the perfect amount as I swipe it.

I have never had any streaky application no matter which blush I have used with this. It is also a good size to fit under the eye to set concealer, to powder T-zone and also to apply bronzer lightly over the face. I wouldn’t really recommend this brush to do contouring. It is a little bigger to apply highlighter precisely, but it can be done using the tapered edge if you do not mind not getting precise application of the highlight but want just a light dusting of it.

Wayne Goss Brush 14  (4)

This brush isn’t really compatible to be used with cream blushes; a stiffer bristled brush will be much better instead.

Since I only use this brush with powder I do not find the need to wash it very often. I could get away by washing this once every 3-4 weeks. I did not find it mixing up colors and causing muddy application. I have used this with a pink, coral and red blush, one after the other by only wiping it with a dry tissue after every use.

The bristles on this brush tend to stick out a bit, hence this brush can very easily get misshaped if proper care is not taken. I recommend using a brush guard (review here) to reshape bristles after every wash.

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Since this is natural hair, you have to be careful on how you maintain it. Only use a mild brush cleaner (baby shampoo will work perfect) and do not ever use alcohol-based products as it will dry out the hair.

I did notice minimal shedding but nothing overwhelming. Overall, I absolutely love this brush. This has replaced my Real Techniques blush brush which I have used for many many years and I don’t even miss it. I highly recommend this.

Pros of Wayne Goss Brush 14 :

• Not too dense or tightly packed.
• Disperses powder evenly and smoothly
• Bristles are so soft and smooth. It’s truly a joy to use.
• Cruelty-free bristles. The animal is treated with care.
• Is the absolute perfect size for using as blush brush.
• It does all the work for you. Sheers out pigmented blushers, so you don’t go overboard, places product exactly where needed and the only work you need to do is swipe.
• Does not need to be washed often. Easy to use between different colors without making them muddy.
• Can be used to apply setting powder and bronzer too
• Has a good weight to it. Not too heavy, sits comfortably in hand.
• Minimal shedding which is normal and expected.

Cons of Wayne Goss Brush 14 :

• Limited availability.
• Not compatible with cream products.
• Bristles need extra care while washing and reshaping.

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    1. I love Wayne goss too.. He gives such helpful tips and not to mention he is super cute. His brushes are an absolute must have !!

    1. I prefer synthetic brush too but since these bristles on this are cruelty free it gives me some peace of mind that I am not supporting a wrong cause..

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