Wayne Goss Brush 15 Review

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This review will be on the Wayne Goss Brush 15.

Product Description:
While most fan brushes are synthetic, this one is made from ultra-soft natural hair (like all Wayne Goss brushes). You’ll feel the difference as you use it to highlight the tops of cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid’s bow. The thin shape can also create a really sharp, defined line when contouring cheeks.
Wayne Goss Brush 15


My Experience with Wayne Goss Brush 15:

I own a few of Wayne Goss brushes and I am a huge fan of them. My makeup routine isn’t done till I have used at least one of his brushes. I recently added one more brush to my collection, brush #15, which is a fan brush.
Wayne Goss brush

Till recently, my favorite brush to apply highlighter was the Real Techniques Setting Brush. I love the small size which helps me efficiently place the highlight right where I need, but I did want to experiment with fan brushes to compare, and let me say, this brush has become my new favorite brush!

This brush is fanned out and is quite dense but the bristles are not tightly packed and are still quite wispy, which is exactly what you want. The dense bristles which are made of un-cut, un-dyed goat hair is truly so so soft (like all his brushes), it truly feels like air on your skin. Also, natural hair bristles do pick up powder product much better than synthetic, hence a slight dip in the highlighter coats the bristles, and a few sweeping motions deposit it on your skin seamlessly. There is such effortless placement of product, in just the right amount, and at the right place, and basically, this brush does everything for you except move itself.
Fan brush

This brush is also quite versatile and I use it in numerous ways. Apart from using this to highlight my cheeks, bridge of the nose and over and on the brow bone, the shape of it also makes for excellent subtle (not chiseled) contouring with. It can also be used to dust away any fallout of eyeshadow without disturbing any makeup underneath and can also be used to apply light dusting of finishing powders all over your face in a couple of sweeps.

Since I only use it with powder products, I don’t wash this brush very often, more like once a month, which is actually recommended for natural hair brushes to prevent the bristles from getting damaged. I have not noticed any shedding of hair from this brush, though sometimes a hair or two on the edge will get misshaped, but it can be easily fixed.
Makeup brush bristles

The handle also is quite sturdy. The weight of it is not too heavy nor too light, and fits just right in your hands. Overall, I am very happy with this brush and use it every time I do my makeup. The only side to this brush I can see is that for people not accustomed to using this kind of brush on the regular might not see the appeal of it, but I am a living example of how this brush on its own changed the way I have been applying my highlighter for years now. Apart from that, I don’t have one con about the quality, bristles and make of this brush. You can truly see how much thought and effort Mr. Goss has put in this to bring absolute highest quality brushes at an affordable price (considerably less than very high-end luxury brands). These brushes are 100% worth the investment.

Pros of Wayne Goss Brush 15:

  • High quality.
  • Undyed, uncut, ultra soft bristles.
  • Versatile used.
  • Perfect for applying highlighter, subtle contouring and finishing powders.
  • No shedding.

Cons of Wayne Goss Brush 15:

  • Only available online.
  • Natural hair bristles are delicate and you have to take care of them like you do your own hair which involves not using alcohol, spot cleaners or rough shampoos. Consider them high maintenance 🙂

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  1. you are right neha, this brush can be so helpful for highlighters now I understand the feeling of using fan brushes 🙂 wud love to try it sooon!!

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