Wayne Goss Brush No 1 Review

Wayne Goss Brush No 1 Review

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Today’s review will be on the Wayne Goss Brush No 1.  Who Is Wayne Goss you may ask. He is a makeup artist with 15 years of experience. He also has his own Youtube channel where he gives out helpful tips and tutorials which has more than 100 million views since he started making videos in 2009.. He recently launched his brush collection online, which when initially released got sold out in 5 minutes.

Wayne Goss Brush No 1

Product Description:

Brush 01 is perfect for foundation, it’s about 5 mm longer than a typical stippling brush to allow for gentle blending that won’t pull the skin. Handcrafted in Japan. Cruelty free.

  • The tips are never cut, leaving the softest natural hair bristles, sourced 100% cruelty free.
  • Bristles are carefully bundled into a brass ferrule to prevent them from coming loose. The construction also ensures the smoothest makeup application.
  • Horn beam, a wood known as “shide” in Japanese, was chosen for the handles for its durability and sturdiness.
  • Each brush was handcrafted by more than 20 artisans from start to finish. The collection was made in Kumano, Japan, a region known for constructing makeup brushes for the past 200 years.

Wayne Goss Brush No 1

Animal Testing Policy:

Wayne Goss brushes are cruelty free. They are not vegan.



My Experience with Wayne Goss Brush No 1:

I have always been wary of natural hair bristle brushes mostly because I find them very difficult to maintain and also they are not really soft as synthetic brushes and also they absorb more product.  But ever since the release of Wayne Goss brushes and the hype surrounding them, I couldn’t really have rested till I tried them out for myself.

Wayne Goss Brush No 1

The brush has a very sleek glossy black handle which has a decent weight.  It is neither too heavy nor too lightweight and feels comfortable in size in the hand. I really like the size of the brush head which is neither too big nor too small and can perform equally well while blending out foundation and can also get under the eyes for concealer. The slanted tip also makes it ideal to use this brush for cream contouring.

Wayne Goss Brush No 1

This particular brush has both synthetic and natural hair bristles which are 100% cruelty-free handcrafted in Japan.  The tips are never cut, leaving the softest natural hair bristles.  This particular brush is a mix of both synthetic and natural hair bristles. The shorter ones densely packed hair at the bottom attached to the brush are natural whereas the longer and more loosely packed in a manner similar to any stippling brush are the synthetic hair.  You can clearly see the different hair in the picture.  The natural hair is slightly yellowish than the pure white tips.

Wayne Goss Brush No 1

I do love how this brush applies foundation flawlessly and seamlessly on my face. The bristles feel very soft and smooth, they are not scratchy at all. I prefer using this in a downward/ outward dragging motion, but you can also do buffing or stippling motion with this. Each method will give you different amount of coverage. I do not like using the buffing motion with this brush because of the slanted tip. I prefer doing buffing motions only with flat top brush tip.  You need the slightest amount of pressure to get the most air-brushed finish. This brush does not absorb too much product.

Wayne Goss Brush No 1

I do recommend spreading your foundation over your face with finger and then using the brush and not to dip the brush directly into the product on the back of your hand. The former application gives much better results with less wastage.

I have not noticed much shedding except for a bristle or two maybe while washing.  Now coming to caring for this brush. I do find this brush to be high maintenance. First of all, I am afraid to use my Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner to spot clean after every use as the alcohol supposedly dries out natural hair bristles and ruins them in the long run.  I am afraid to wash them too often for the very same reason.  Also, the foundation does tend to stain the white bristles and Wayne Goss recommends using a mild baby shampoo to wash the brushes which does not really help with stain removal. It is imperative to use a brush guard (review here) when drying these brushes, otherwise the small natural bristles tend to poke out from every direction.

Wayne Goss Brush No 1

I am someone who wears makeup a couple of times a week hence I am okay with washing these brushes once a week after usage, but if you are someone who wears makeup more often or if you are a makeup artist, I wouldn’t recommend this brush for you as they are very delicate and may not last you very long with rough usage.

Overall, this is definitely a luxurious line of brushes. Wayne did an excellent job crafting the brushes and you can really see and feel the work that went into handcrafting them, but I would still prefer my synthetic hair bristles over them as I feel they stay will me in the long run even with rough usage. These brushes are way too high maintenance and delicate for my liking.

Pros of Wayne Goss Brush No 1:

  • Very soft and silky bristles which is quite rare for natural hair bristles.
  • Slightest pressure and few strokes give you a beautiful air-brushed finish.
  • Can be used in buffing, dragging on stippling motion.
  • Multipurpose, can be used for foundation, concealing or cream blush/bronzer application.
  • Very minimal shedding.

Cons of Wayne Goss Brush No 1:

  • Caring for them is difficult.
  • Foundation tends to stain the white bristles.
  • Will not survive through regular rough usage, very delicate.

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  1. Wayne goss is indeed a great and very keen makeup artist, I love watching his videos! Its really great that he has launched his own brush collection! The brush seems so lovely! I wish I get my hands over it! 😀

    1. He is very talented indeed. I too regularly watch his vdos and love that he gives amazing tips.. I do hope his amazing brushes become easily accessible in the future for people worldwide..

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