Wayne Goss Brush No. 13 Review

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This review will be on Wayne Goss Brush 13.

Wayne Goss Brush No. 13

Product Description:
Wayne describes this dome-shaped brush as “so incredibly useful.” It’s excellent for cream, liquid, and powder foundations, as well as bronzers and blush. While ultra soft, the density of this brush can break up mineral products for a clean finish.


My Experience with Wayne Goss Brush No. 13:

This is my 4th Wayne Goss brush and I can truly say I am so hooked. Wayne’s brush line is truly so luxurious yet functional.  With every single brush of his, you can see and feel his dedication to provide a really well-thought and perfect product. All I can say is “Good Job Wayne, Good Job!”

Brush:  This brush comes with a solid sturdy wooden handle. It doesn’t feel hollow yet it is not too heavy. It feels really comfortable in the hand.

Wayne Goss Brush No. 13

Bristles:  Wayne Goss brush line has 2 types of brushes. The black bristles are re made of blue squirrel hair and brown bristles are made of goat hair. I have really been unimpressed by natural hair brushes I have used in the past since I always found them to be prickly and difficult to maintain, and also not as soft as my synthetic Real Techniques brushes. But ever since I have started using Wayne’s brushes, I have become completely obsessed with natural hair bristles. Who knew goat hair could feel so unbelievably soft and like silk on the skin.

Wayne Goss Brush No. 13

Shape:  This brush is truly a “multipurpose brush.” The perfectly domed shape of this brush makes it perfect for so many uses. This brush can be used to buff liquid or powder foundation. I did not find it to absorb any of my liquid foundation which came as quite a surprise to me, but I never dip this brush directly into the liquid foundation. I first spread the foundation on my face and use this brush to buff it in circular motion. I never get a streaky application while using this brush. I usually most of the time only use my Beauty Blender for foundation, but this is one brush I don’t mind using interchangeably with that.

Also since this brush doesn’t absorb product, I can easily go from using liquid foundation to my setting powder with just a light swipe of the bristles on a clean tissue in between. I also love using this brush to apply my Bare Minerals Foundation.

Wayne Goss Brush No. 13

This brush due to its perfect size (which is not too big or too small) and its densely-packed bristles (which are not too stiff and have a certain flexibility to them) also makes it a perfect size to use as a blush brush and buff in cream blushes and bronzers. It can also be used to set under eye makeup.

Since the bristles are natural hair, these do demand a little extra care. You have to be careful to use a mild shampoo to clean them and I will also recommend you get a Brush Guard (review here) to keep the bristles in shape. This brush did shed a couple of bristles during washing, but that was expected and since it wasn’t too much, I don’t mind it.

Overall, I am very impressed with this “must-have” multi-purpose brush. I highly recommend it.

Pros of Wayne Goss Brush No. 13:

  • Feels comfortable in hand.
  • Multipurpose brush.
  • Super soft bristles.
  • Bristles don’t absorb too much product especially liquids.
  • Works well for both liquid and powder products.
  • Very little shedding.

Cons of Wayne Goss Brush No. 13:

  • Expensive.
  • Natural hair bristles do demand extra special care.

IMBB Rating:

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  1. i saw the pic before reading the review and I was like, I need this in my life. it looks sooo perfect for blushes and bronzers!!! absolutely great review neha. your reviews are totally droolworthy! 😀

  2. Hey Neha 🙂 Can you please advice me on how to buy a Wayne Goss brush in India ? I guess Beautylish has discontinued India shipping now 🙁

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