7 Ways your Body is Blocking Weight Loss

We all are trying to become fitter and healthier, if not trying to lose weight always. But losing weight is not always about fitting into old jeans and trimming the waistline, it is also about reducing the risk of metabolic and lifestyle disorders and get to a better version of yourself. We diet, we exercise, but even then we don’t get to our goal weight. It is interesting to note that the human body is wired in such a way that it likes to hoard and store fat whenever food is available and does everything it can in its might to prevent weight loss (even by making the metabolism sluggish). Our bodies have learnt to store fat during the evolution process and it’s not easy to undo this complex process. In fact, a few studies have even pointed out that the female brain is not wired for weight loss and that’s why women compared to men find it a bit difficult to shed extra kilos. With so much working against us in our weight loss journey, it would be interesting to find out in which ways the body is blocking weight loss and making it difficult for you to get fit. Find out more about them in this post and weed them out one by one.

Ways your Body is Blocking Weight Loss

1. By Slowing Down Metabolism: One option that the body always opts for when there is not enough calories or energy to burn, is by lowering the metabolism and making it sluggish and lowering the resting metabolic rate. A robust metabolism is the key to lose weight and when it becomes sluggish, the rate at which body burns calories and fat falls down considerably.

2. By Creating Hormonal Imbalance: When hormones go out of whack, weight loss goes for a toss. Thyroid, cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, leptin, ghrelin are some hormones whose imbalance can cause weight gain instead of weight loss.

3. By Creating Sleep Deprivation: As we have repeatedly reiterated, good-quality sleep and that too of 7 hours is absolutely essential to lose weight. The body needs to have enough rest to reset itself, to get the metabolism high, and to lower stress hormone, and when sleep is compromised, no weight loss can happen.

4. By lowering Satiety Hormone “Leptin”: It’s the fullness or satiety hormone that signals your brain to stop eating when there’s enough calories/energy in the body. When there’s leptin resistance, the brain does not receive signals on when to stop, and as a result, more and more calories pile up.

5. By Increasing Hunger Hormone Ghrelin: Ghrelin is the hunger hormone and when it’s high, you crave for food all the time. It’s important to bring in a perfect balance between ghrelin and leptin to induce weight loss.

6. By Increasing Food Cravings: Food cravings are amplified when there’s an imbalance in hormones such as leptin and serotonin. High stress and emotional dependency on food can also trigger food cravings. One can also crave for food in an anxious situation. When we don’t eat enough calories, an imbalance in hormones can trigger such cravings.

7. By Making you Feel Tired and Fatigued: When you have skewed up calorie intake, the body can react by making you feel tired and fatigued all the time, providing you with little energy to do regular chores.

That’s why it’s extremely important to follow a healthy diet such as Rati Beauty weight loss diets to lose weight, by not compromising on metabolism, by eating the right kind of food, and by maintaining appropriate calorie deficit – all important factors to shed extra weight.

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