8 Ways Exercise Can Make You More Beautiful

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The one thing that has changed the life of millions of people over ages is ‘exercise’. Many of us are striving for healthy lifestyle and healthy living is trending a lot these days. Becoming a mommy has helped me to approach health in general and fitness in particular with a more balanced perspective that I had in the past. Forget weight loss, people these days ask me my secret for my glowing skin and radiant complexion. I haven’t been using any skin care product and I know its exercise. So I thought let me share a post about those amazing beauty benefits one can experience through exercise.

Exercise Glowing Skin

1. Glowing skin

Forget those fancy and expensive lotions, creams or any other skin care cosmetics, which doesn’t always live up to all its claims. Instead you can invest your time for your body and skin by just exercising on daily basis. While you go on for brisk walking or jog faster your heart tends to circulate blood faster, which in return supplies oxygenated blood and renews your skin. This process could give you that glowing skin instantly.

2. Acne-free skin

clean skin with exercise

This again has scientific logic behind the benefit of exercise for an acne-free, spotless clear skin. If you have those pimples popping on your skin often, then exercise can be of great help to prevent them. Your workout helps you maintain the hormonal balance that causes adult acne. Plus, you tend to flush out lot toxics from your skin, which helps in prevention of acne formation.

3. Healthy hair

beautiful gorgeous hair

Exercise stimulates hair follicles and helps hair to grow well. The blood circulation process contributes while you work out. It’s a proven fact that exercise reduces stress and no-stress in turn gives hair that grows well and your hair is less likely to fallout. The blood stream, which is passed to the hair follicles, also prevents the skin pores of scalp from clogging. So for healthy looking strong hair you just need to take time out and exercise.

4. Detoxifies skin

It’s not just your body but its also skin that gets detoxified after a good intense workout. By eliminating the dead cells and regenerating new ones you get to see and feel a different smooth and radiant skin for yourself.

5. Anti – aging

While you exercise your stress related hormones – cortisol, are well balanced. These hormones are linked to sebum production, which causes skin sagging, acne and wrinkles. Who would want to use those anti aging beauty products when you get a skin that’s more firm and supple through exercise?

6. Reduces cellulite


Cellulite is nothing but the fat that causes dimpling of the skin. It is more visible on your hips, buttocks, thighs etc. And women are at high risk of developing cellulite than men. There are many treatments for cellulite reduction like massages, laser, radio frequency and suction etc. but the simple way to reduces cellulite in your body is the exercise way. When you burn calories you automatically lose fat and reduce cellulite. Believe no expensive treatment works better than just exercise for reducing cellulite.

7. Increases elasticity of skin

Our skin tends to lose its elasticity once we are into our 30’s. Strength training exercises and toning muscles will be of great help in order to maintain the elasticity of skin. Also regular exercise produces large amount of collagen, which helps maintain the skin elasticity.

8. Naturally improves your looks

If I had to pen down some benefits of exercising I would go on and on… most importantly it defines your looks by giving your body the right shape, enhancing your features while you try and lose your face fat, obtain a firm and good posture, and the other benefits mentioned above. Exercise is just the key to looking and feeling good while trying to be fit. Losing some kilos, great looking radiant skin, healthy hair and much more enhances your overall appearance.

So that’s it! Until next time keep working out, look beautiful and feel beautiful!

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