10 Ways to Get Clear Skin in a Week

Everyone wants clear skin and with trends like “glass skin,” becoming a rage everywhere, women are turning towards extreme methods to achieve it. There are a few simple regimes to follow to get clear skin in 7 days. Give all your time and dedication towards your skin for a week to see incredible results. Here are a few ways to help keep your skin happy:

10 Ways to Get Clear

1. Strict Bedtime Routine: If you want clear skin in a week, start having a good bedtime routine. Always wash your face before going to bed, follow up with a toner, a treatment cream, an eye cream, moisturize well, and lastly apply a serum. Another tip, when you have makeup on, at the end of the day, you should add elaborate makeup removal step and cleansing step too.

2. Exfoliation is the key: Make it a routine to exfoliate your skin twice a week. Use a gentle exfoliating product available in the market. Alternatively, you can take some coffee powder and mix it with honey to make your very own scrub. Other than this, you can simply take brown sugar, lemon juice and honey to exfoliate your skin. I have realized that my oily skin reacts best to homemade scrubs rather than the ones in the market. It’s also a safe bet because you know there aren’t any chemicals involved that could harm your skin in the long run. You can also use an exfoliating brush for thorough cleansing.

3. Don’t sleep with makeup on: Sleeping with makeup on is like inviting pimples on your skin. However tired you are, take out 10 minutes of your time to wash off the entire makeup. Make sure you use a makeup remover followed by a cleanser and if required, a face wash. On days with heavy makeup, you should double cleanse and apply a face mask or an overnight mask too. Otherwise, make it a habit to use a sheet mask in the morning so that your skin isn’t dehydrated. We assure you keeping this routine for 7 days will give you clear skin.

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4. Hydrate: Drink water throughout the day. The more hydrated you are, the happier your skin is. Someone had told me once that “you think you drink a lot of water but you never actually do.” That’s when I realized that this could be the reason my skin has dry patches. Once I doubled up the water intake, I saw a fresh glow on my face without having to try too hard. I wasn’t using many chemicals or face packs; I was just keeping myself hydrated.

5. Eat right: Fruits, honey, almonds, curd and a few other foods can do wonders to your skin in just a few days. Trust me, I’ve been eating all the seasonal foods and having honey in milk every day. Along with that, a few soaked almonds during breakfast and curd during lunch is really helping my skin. It is clearing up my skin and adding a natural glow to the skin as well.

6. Avoid junk: No junk, no fried foods and no sugar for a week will give you clear skin. You will notice changes by the 5th day and trust me, it happens. Add ghee in your diet instead of too much oil. Try to avoid sugar and switch to jaggery or honey as alternatives. You can also have dates if you like to munch on something sweet with tea. They are great for your skin.

7. Exercise regularly: You can walk, run or do any exercise for 20 minutes a day to keep your skin happy. Exercising increases blood flow which nourishes the skin cells. This further gives you clear skin and keeps you away from any damage to your skin cells. So, move a little through this week to achieve perfect skin.

8. Stop touching your face: Do not pop your pimples and keep touching your face! The bacteria in your hands will transfer on your face giving you acne. Make sure you are not touching your face all the time. Our hands often touch furniture, drawers and phones which carry a ton of bacteria, you really don’t want all of that on your face.

9. Clean your phone and your pillowcase: Everyone’s glued to their phones but remember, it is a must to sanitize your device. We take it in the washroom with us, keep it anywhere randomly, and don’t really clean it that often. If you talk a lot on your phone and your either side of the face has pimples, it’s your phone. First clean your phone, sanitize it and work towards the skin. Besides this, do not sleep on dirty pillowcases! Make it a habit to keep them clean and with India having so much dust and pollution I have developed an allergy, so generally I clean my pillow every week.

10. Don’t overdo it: Using too many products, face masks and creams is not going to help. Use one of each and stick to a regime. Switching products can react on your skin and give you acne. It can also clog your pores. Remember to do a deep cleanse once a week and the remaining 6 days can be all about eating right and keeping your face clean.

Hydrate, eat right and keep your things clean to achieve amazing skin in a week. Trust me, you will notice a difference in just a week. Follow this for a month to see a major difference!

Hope my tips help you out too.


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