5 Ways To Include Ragi in Weight Loss Diet

Ragi, also known as finger millet, is a powerhouse of nutrition; there are so many nutrients like fiber, calcium, potassium, etc., packed into those tiny grains. Millets like ragi are a favorite option for people with gluten intolerance. With its low glycemic index, it does not cause sharp spike in blood sugar levels and that’s why a good choice for diabetics as well. For people trying to lose weight, the high nutrient profile, dietary fiber content, low glycemic index, the presence of amino acid tryptophan that curbs appetite, all add up and help in the weight loss process. Now, here are 5 ways to include ragi in your weight loss diet.

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1. Rich source of dietary fiber, keeps you satiated for long.
2. Helps to control appetite due to the presence of an amino acid called tryptophan.
3. Often not polished, so retains all its nutrients and a much healthier grain when compared to wheat.
4. Low fat content compared to wheat.
5. Stabilizes blood sugar, no sharp spike in insulin levels.
6. Lowers cholesterol level.
7. Rich source of iron.
8.Good source of protein, and as we all know, a protein-rich diet can accelerate weight loss process. Also read: “5 Ways To Lose Excess Weight on a Budget.”

Nutritional Value of Ragi:

Protein 7.3%
Fat 1.3%
Crude fiber 3.6%
Starch 59%
Total dietary fiber 19.1%
Total phenol 102
Calories per 100 gm -328 calories.

5 Ways To Include Ragi in Weight Loss Diet:

1. Ragi Roti: Also called nachni roti, it’s a great option for people trying to increase their fiber content and cut down carbs at the same time. Compared to an average-sized wheat roti, ragi roti has lower number of calories.
2. Ragi Ambli/Malt/Ragi Ganji Drink for Summer: The first thing you need to lose weight is to cut out excess sugar consumption, and quitting soft drinks full of sugar will help a great deal. Since summer has already arrived, people are looking ways to beat the heat and find solace in soft drinks to cool down, it’s important to find replacements for soft drinks and ragi malt/ragi ambili is a good option. Making this drink involves cooking ragi paste and mixing it up with buttermilk – simple, isn’t it? It’s allowed to ferment overnight and makes for a probiotic drink, great for gut health. This drink that’s not only high in fiber and other nutrients, the addition of buttermilk helps the body cool down in scorching heat.

3. Ragi Mudde: A popular South Indian ragi dish, it is made by making small balls out of ragi and steaming it. There’s no oil or frying involved! You can have it with any chutney, vegetable curry, and even chicken curry.
4. Ragi Dosa: Prepare instant dosa with just ragi flour and green chilli paste, and enjoy it with your favorite tomato or coconut chutney.
5. Ragi Ladoo: Make protein-rich sugar-free ladoos with ragi by including dates and healthy nuts like almonds, cashew, dried figs, etc.

Summing up, do include ragi in your diet because it is a powerhouse of nutrition and helps boost weight loss too. Most importantly, if you are trying to shed weight, do subscribe to the Rati Beauty diet plans to achieve your weight loss goals.

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