10 Ways to Jumpstart Weight Loss Journey

It’s very easy to say “I’ll start tomorrow,” but setting your mind on a goal and planning towards achieving it is tough. Until and unless you do not push yourself, you will never get yourself to lose weight. If you want to know how you can start your weight loss process, here are 10 easy ways to jumpstart weight loss journey.

Ways to Jumpstart Weight Loss Journey

1. Check your weight: Do not make a rough estimate of how much you weigh. Stand on the weighing scale and note down how much you actually weigh before you embark on dieting and exercise regimen. Now that you know what your current weight is, find out what can help you more, a major change in diet, exercising or else simply running for 20 minutes a day. Honestly, dieting hasn’t worked for me, but controlling food habits always does.

2. Control your food intake: As we have discussed in the previous section, control your food habits. It isn’t easy but you can start slowly. If you have tea or coffee twice a day, avoid sugar in your evening tea or coffee. Do not have processed foods, junk, fried and try to eat healthy snacks in between meals. Do not cut down sugar completely right away. You can always have alternatives like jaggery in your tea or even honey. Your body needs sugar but it’s better to opt for a natural version rather than processed and refined version.

3. Scan your kitchen: Have too many chips, chocolates, frozen, and processed foods lying in your kitchen? Time to give them away as you don’t need them once you decide to lose weight. Once in a while, a  cheat day will not hurt, but it’s better to avoid these things at home when you start working on a plan.

4. Write down your goals: There are different goals people have! One is when you want to lose kilos, the other is losing inches, third is when you went to stay the same weight and maintain and lastly, it’s when you want to sculpt your body. Everyone has diverse goals in mind, which is why you need to write it down and keep a tab on it. Note down what you eat in a day and your weekly weight loss count. This can motivate you to work towards better results.

5. Focus on the problem area: As we have mentioned earlier, you need to know why you want to lose weight. For example, my problem area would be my arms, they just don’t want to become thin. After a lot of hard work, I’ve successfully seen a change and become more confident with wearing sleeveless clothes, but somehow, I still have a long way to go which makes me quite conscious. Just like this, you can focus on your problem area and start there first. For some, it might be back fat or the most common one – belly fat.

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6. Make it fun: Do not take your workout and weight loss journey as a punishment. Make it a fun activity in your day. You can run for 15 minutes post warm up and opt for a sports activity if you enjoy it. Other than this, you can join aerobics, power yoga, do some exercises with your better half or best friend and make it an experience. This will help you start your weight loss journey on a happy note.

7. Buy cute workout clothes: There’s a reason workout clothes are invented and when you have some incredibly comfortable plus cute workout clothes, you will want to go to the gym. It’s just the excitement that will get you started off on a good note. For me, I enjoyed buying clothes for aerobics and it got me to go to the class every day. And before I knew it, I enjoyed it so much that I continued for another year. These little things can help you jump start in the right way.

8. Get enough sleep: Make it a habit to get 8 hours of sleep so that your body recovers after the first few days of heavy workout or exercise. Once you are sleeping well and eating right, your body will start loving this weight loss process.

9. Turn to green tea: Once a day, have some green tea or coconut water, whichever drink you prefer, has to be a part of your routine daily. This will boost your immunity and increase your metabolism which will lead to quicker results.

10. Don’t give up: It’s tough to start and to commit yourself to it but do not give up. You can definitely have some cheat days but give it time.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start losing some weight and enjoying it while we’re at it!

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