9 Ways to Lighten Dark Circles Under Eye Overnight

I am back with another post! Today, we would be talking about ways to lighten dark circles under eye overnight. Dark circles are one among the common beauty issues we face, generally, due to improper skin care routine or lack of sleep. Dark circles can make your eyes look tired, bored and droopy. In order to lighten dark circles, it is important to treat them at earliest.

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Check out easy ways to lighten dark circles under eye overnight.

1. Use eye cream


You should be using eye cream on a regular basis as it helps to treat dark circles easily. Generally, most of the eye creams come with anti-inflammatory ingredients which help to treat inflammation around the eyes and also promote healthy skin. Using eye creams can also help to relax the under eye capillaries, thus, treating dark circles easily. Use Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream and Innisfree Whitening Pore Eye Cream for best results.

2. Skin lightening cream


If you don’t have eye cream or if you don’t want to invest in a good eye product, you should consider using skin lightening cream. Using skin lightening cream can help to lighten the dark circles and also banish them after a certain period of time. Skin lightening creams are enriched with natural bleaching ingredients which can promote healthy skin. Use Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream for best results.

3. Lemon juice therapy

freshly squeezed lemon juice in small bowl

Using lemon juice is another great remedy that can help to lighten dark circles. Dark shadows can be created around the eye due to discoloration which can be easily healed with the help of lemon. Lemon contains Vitamin C which is known to bleach the skin naturally and promote healthy skin.

4. Almond oil therapy

Due to a large amount of Vitamin E present in the almond oil, it can help to lighten the dark circles without difficulty. Using an almond oil can help to neutralize the dark circles and promote healthy skin. Take some almond oil and massage your under eye circles with it. Repeat this process every day before going to bed.

5. Refresh with cucumber

Cucumber juice

Cucumber contains skin lightening and astringent properties which can help to lighten the dark circles easily. Using cucumber is one among the best remedy that is specially made for raccoon eyes. Take some cucumber and cut it into thick slices. Now place the cucumber on your eyes and relax for some time. Wash the area with cold water later. Use this technique every day before going to bed.

6. Relax

Relaxing is one among the natural and most effective ways that can help to lighten dark circles easily. Relaxing can help to deal with stress and anxiety, which are the main reasons behind dark circles under the eyes. Your skin can reflect the level of stress in you and, hence, be relaxing and sleeping is one among the easy ways to deal with dark circles under the eyes overnight.

7. Use eye serum


Using eye serum is another easy way to lighten the dark circles and promote healthy skin. Eye serum contains a high amount of Vitamin C and retinoid which can help to prevent dark circles around the eye. Regular application of eye serum can also help to get rid of dark circles completely. Use Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum and Innisfree White Tone Up Eye Serum for best results.

8. Rose water remedy

Rose water contains special properties which not only soothes your skin but also lightens the dark circles. It contains antioxidants which promote cell regeneration and also rejuvenate your skin. Take some rose water and apply on the under eye circles using a cotton pad. Allow it to dry on its own. Wash off with cold water later.

9. Chamomile tea

Tea bags in box

Chamomile tea contains antioxidants and bleaching ingredients which can help to lighten the skin and also reduce the fatigue. Take some chamomile tea bags and keep them in hot water. Now, place the chamomile tea bags in the refrigerator to cool. Place the bag on the affected area for 30 minutes and wash off with cold water.

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