10 Ways to Look Slimmer in a Dress

Dresses have become a huge hit across the world and also in India. From college-goers to moms, everyone loves wearing dresses. How can you easily wear and style a dress even if you are overweight? In this post, I will tell you about 10 different ways to look flattering and slim in a dress.

Slimmer in dress

Pick the Right Type

This is the most important tip ever. If you are overweight, a slim fit bodycon may not be the right choice for you. Try to go for something that comes with pleats and folds. A line dresses also help to create an impression of a slimmer, taller body.

Choose Deep Color

Deep colored dresses create an impression of a slim body. Try to invest in a black or red monochrome dress and then you can style and accessorize it in various ways. These look flattering on overweight people and help to camouflage the problem areas.

Choose Vertical Stripes

Picking dresses with long, vertical stripes is a great idea. This actually allows you to create an illusion of a tall, slim body. It draws away attention from your wide hips and bulky waist and effortlessly makes you look lean.

Dress with Side Panels

This is a variation of stripes. Instead of stripes all over, these panels come down by the sides of the body. This makes your waist look smaller and also makes you look taller.

Small Prints

Do not opt for dresses that have huge prints on them. Try to get dresses with small, compact prints. While the large prints make you look bigger, the small prints create an impression of a petite figure. So either go for a monochrome dress or striped dress or the ones with simple, small and compact prints.

Buy Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are great to give an impression of an hourglass figure. The dress wraps around the waist and makes the area look smaller. Whatever your body shape is, this one will be flattering on you.

Use a Belt

Using a belt around the waist also does the same. It narrows down the waist and makes you look slim and petite. If you have pear-shaped or rectangular body shape, this one easily helps you to look slim and petite.

Use a Shrug

A long shrug over a dress hides all the problem areas. Try to find one that contrasts with your dress. Pick a striped or printed one with your monochrome dress or vice versa. This also helps you style the dress in different ways.

Wear Heels

Wearing the right shoe with a dress is very important. Wear high heels that are stilettos and block heels with your dress. This keeps your posture straight, makes you look tall and creates the illusion of a slimmer body.


At times, nothing you do works and you feel desperate to look slim. At such times wearing a shapewear is the most effective solution. Try to buy a shapewear that has good quality fabric. It should not feel uncomfortable on the skin and let your skin breathe. Wearing the shapewear allows you to tone the body, tuck in the flabby areas and you can wear any dress without worrying about the bulges.

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