20 Ways to Lose Fat at Home without Exercise

Suffering from weight gain ordeals but don’t know what to do? Don’t have time for the gym or consulting a dietician? Don’t worry, because in today’s article, I have compiled 20 home remedies that will help get rid of that disastrous body fat. What does it demand in return? Only patience and diligence to follow these simple tips. These tips are inexpensive but their power in weight loss is unquestionable. Eating the right foods and working out help but there are plenty of little tricks that change the whole weight loss game. If you want to know about the tricks, then read on further.

ways to lose weight

1. Detoxification with lemon water

The commonest home remedy, which is also the easiest to follow, is to use lemon water to lose fat. The job is pretty easy. All you have to do is add a few drops of lemon juice to warm water as this fastens the fat burning process. You can also use water at the room temperature for serving the purpose. Have this drink every day on an empty stomach after you wake up in the morning. Lemon water helps in steady detoxification of a stressed liver, which speeds up the metabolism. It also keeps your liver clean and flushes out unwanted toxins that are responsible for the extra fat gain.

2. Add green tea to your diet

You must have heard of this remedy as well. Green tea is a potent source of anti-oxidants and nutrients with many therapeutic properties. It contains a type of a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG which can do wonders for the body. Sipping green tea every day will boost your metabolism, which will help in the fat burning process. It also helps the brain to function better and reduces the chances of carcinogenic diseases.

To make green tea, add green tea leaves or a green tea bag to hot water. Steep for 5-10 minutes. You can also add honey as a sweetener for better taste. It is advisable to have a cup of green tea before taking regular meals.

3. Lose body fat with dandelion tea

This trick is specially targeted for fat in your belly area. Belly appears bloated due to water retention. If you are a victim of this, then dandelion tea can be your true saviour. It helps to lose fat from the body in a healthy way. Dandelion herb is a natural diuretic which increases your body’s tendency of frequent urination, thereby eliminating chances of water retention in your body. It also improves the functioning of your liver and increases the metabolism rate. It also helps flush out toxins from the body and prevents abdominal bloating.

The way to prepare this tea is very easy. You can either use the dandelion herb or dandelion powder. To spice it up, add mint leaves, ginger and cardamom to it and steep it for some time in hot water. Strain the tea and add honey to it (if you feel like). Consume 2-3 times a day and, believe me, it tastes really good.

4. Use cranberry juice to cut down the extra kilos

Cranberry, if drunk alone may not taste good, so it is better to have it by diluting it with water. This fruit has many health benefits and is rich in organic acids that works like a digestive enzyme and emulsify the extra fat from the body. So, if you are someone who is suffering from weight gain problem, drink pure cranberry juice every day. It will give good results in the long run. It works best if you drink this before meals and in unsweetened form.

5. Eat chia seeds for perfect fat burning process

Do you want a heavy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids but don’t like fish? Then, chia seeds are the best option for you. They don’t have any specific taste and can be added to any food. Chia seeds are high in anti-oxidants, iron and other minerals and having them will keep you fuller for longer. Thus, this trick reduces your appetite and cuts down the amount of food you consume. They are very healthy for our body and can help burn body fat significantly. Use them in salads, yoghurt or drinks. You can also add to breakfast cereals.

6. Drink apple cider vinegar to burn fat

Apple cider vinegar has multiple beauty benefits and curbing down the chubbiness of the body is one of them. It contains acetic acid, which soothes the digestive problems. It also has antibiotic effects to prevent indigestion and aid weight loss. It also helps in reducing water retention and brings down the blood sugar levels.

The goodness of this potent drink acts as a digestive enzyme and decreases one’s appetite. So, you consume less food and gain less weight. Just add apple cider vinegar, honey and normal water in a glass and mix them. You need to have this drink on an empty stomach. Consumer this drink regularly for visible results.

7. Add coconut oil to your diet

Are you surprised because this is oil and contains fat? Well, this fat curbs other fats in your body. Let me tell you how! Coconut oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids and is high on medium chain triglycerides, which pace up the rate of body metabolism rate. These fatty acids affect the liver and the digestive tract and are used by body cells as energy instead of glucose.

So, it cuts down the extra body fat and gives you a much-toned body. It is also believed to be thermogenic which also brings down your calorie intake if you are on a low carb diet and want to feel fuller with lesser consumption of calories. Having coconut oil is pretty easy – just have about 2 teaspoons of it in a day and do not have it with any other oil. You can replace normal cooking oil with coconut oil for its obvious benefits.

8. Lose fat with cinnamon and cardamom

These condiments can spice up your meals and can also help to have a toned body. In other words, all these ingredients are thermogenic and promote the body metabolism to burn fat. Cardamom is a great detoxifying agent. Cinnamon, on the other hand, brings down the blood sugar levels and helps to reduce the chances of diabetes. Overall, incorporating these two into your diet can speed the fat burning process and can be used for losing weight.

You can use the powder form of both of these condiments in water and steep it for a while. Drink the solution at least once every day for desired results. These can also be added to smoothies and cakes.

9. Use ginger to lose weight

This precious herb is also thermogenic and helps in the fat burning process. It increases the body’s temperature which helps to burn the fat faster. It also suppresses the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone and thus it prevents weight gain. There are different ways to add ginger to your diet. But the most convenient way is to have ginger in the form of tea. It tastes great and is very healthy.

To make ginger tea, add peeled ginger to hot water and put honey and lemon juice to it for better taste. Simmer it for some time and then drink it early morning. It is a natural digestive stimulator which will regulate your metabolism and reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body. You can have this drink 2-3 times a day.

10. Have cucumber to flaunt a toned body

We all love cucumbers and it is an essential fruit in everyday salads. Do you know that this fruit can help you get a toned body faster? You heard it right! Cucumber is rich in anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and has a high concentration of water in it. It is the easiest detox recipe which, apart from burning the body fat, also stimulates the digestion process.

It helps in better functioning of the brain and makes us feel fresh. This amazing fruit can be taken every day and in any quantity. You can have it as it is or in your salad. It is also good to grind it and drink the juice of cucumber. These recipes are very healthy and will benefit you if you desire to have a good figure.

11. Drink rose petal water

Rose water is not only good as a toner but it also has weight loss properties. It is a mild refreshing drink and acts as a good diuretic. So, basically, it puts pressure on the kidneys to put more sodium in the urine. This helps in drawing out more water from the blood and decreases the water retention capacity of the body.

The weight loss mechanism is not very strong but it does help to keep you hydrated and flushes out unwanted toxins from the body. Put some rose petals in distilled water and put it over the flame. Heat it for about 15-20 minutes and then strain the liquid and drink it. You can also refrigerate it and drink it every morning on empty stomach.

12. Add yoghurt and honey to your diet

Yoghurt is actually a great companion and can be consumed at any time of the day. But its action maximises if you have it in the early morning. Yoghurt contains pro-biotic that works well for the digestive system and stimulates the breakdown of complex food particles, like fat.

It also increases the metabolism rate. Well, if you don’t like consuming it alone, add some honey to it as a natural sweetener. Like I said, it is best to have it in the morning. You can also add oats and fruits to this mixture to make it tastier and, of course, healthier.

13. Drink bottle gourd juice

The name itself makes you frown but, trust me, bottle gourd is a magic remedy to lose fat at home and is suggested by nutritionists all over the world. It reduces appetite and gives you a feeling of fullness. This wonder food keeps you well hydrated and supplies your body a good dose of vital nutrients. So, if you are a major foodie, it’s time to start having bottle gourd too. Drink its juice and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. I know it tastes bitter but it’s the perfect snack for you to lose that extra fat.

14. Eat a protein-rich diet

When you are focussing on weight loss, never ignore the power of proteins. A high protein diet can boost metabolism and can help you burn more calories. It can also make you full and can reduce your appetite. A good protein diet means having eggs every day for your breakfast. Try only to have the egg white and skip the yolk. Also, have pulses and meat in your diet because they have good protein content in them.

15. Chew gums

You might wonder if it really works! Having chewing gums is a great way to trick your brain that you are consuming more food. The constant movement inside the mouth helps in getting rid of facial fat and helps you get a more defined facial cut. The flavour of chewing gum reduces appetite and inhibits the chances of having junk food frequently. It also increases the flow of saliva and helps break down starch and fat easily. If you want to have chewing gums for weight loss, you need to have natural sugar-free chewing gums.

16. Lose fat with aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is a wonder herb – not only for the skin and hair but also to arrest obesity. It stimulates metabolism, reduces appetite and breaks down the stubborn fat of the body. It contains natural collagen proteins that help to break down more complex food substances. You can start off with aloe vera juice – either prepare it at home or buy a bottle from the market and consume it every day on an empty stomach. You can add water to it to dilute the raw taste. Drink this and feel the difference.

17. Curry leaves as a weight loss agent

Freshly picked curry leaves form a great ayurvedic remedy to fight off obesity and diabetes. It is a great kitchen ingredient and eating curry leaves daily in the morning will lower the weight and also bring down the cholesterol levels down. Curry leaves contain mahanimbine, which has lipid-lowering levels and eating these leaves in the raw form will help you feel the change in a few months. So, if you have a curry plant in your home, it is time for you to make use of it.

18. Eat more whole grains


Taking fibre rich foods every day – like whole grains – helps to keep the digestive tract active. Foods loaded with fibre offer many health benefits that will help you to feel fuller and will curb your appetite. These will prevent frequent snacking habits. Whole grains like brown rice, bread and oats help to burn down more calories and fasten up the fat burning process because your body utilises more energy in breaking down these fibres.

19. Divide your meals

It’s not only the ingredients that you consume but also the right quantity! Instead of having a large amount of food at once, which causes stomach bloating and makes you feel uncomfortable, try to focus on dividing your meals. Have small portions of food at frequent intervals. This not only eases the digestion procedure but also helps to control weight gain. Whether you have six small meals or three big meals, it is necessary to divide the calorie intake. Also, avoid skipping any meal because that can prove hazardous. Along with this, drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

20. Have good sleep every day


Though this is not a proper home remedy, without this remedy, other above-mentioned remedies won’t work properly. You need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep to keep your weight under control. Improper sleeping habits will only increase your weight because you will produce more ghrelin, which leads to sugar and other unhealthy food cravings. Improper sleeping patterns disrupt hormonal balance and will only add to weight gain. So, ensure that you sleep properly every day.

These tips will not only help you shed those extra kilos but also ensure that they don’t come back. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it helpful.

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