10 Ways to Lose Overhanging Belly

Say goodbye to that extra friend sitting near your tummy with some easy hacks! Baby fat, lower tummy and overhanging belly is an issue for most women. Many tend to have a slouchy belly post pregnancy or after a drastic weight loss program. Abdominal fat is one of the toughest regions to tackle and no one likes a sagging stomach. With determination and a little extra push for your body, you can integrate a few habits in your day-to-day routine to get rid of this overhanging fat quickly. 

Here are some tips to get you started:

Ways to Lose Overhanging Belly

1. Move around: Stop sitting on your bed and start moving! The more you move around, the better it is. You can go for 30-minute walks twice a day, or go for a run around the block. This will get your muscles moving and help in making the process faster. If you do a proper 8 to 10-kilometer walk regularly, you will notice your belly going inside in no time.

2. Eat fiber: Changes to your diet are essential and adding more fiber can be extremely helpful to shed some weight. Fruits, beans, nuts, dry fruits, broccoli, whole grains, pulses, and oats are good sources of fiber. Start consuming dry fruits when hungry and in the morning as they contain high amount of fiber. Other than that, you can have an apple a day to keep the overhanging belly fat away.

3. Eat small meals: Break down your meals and eat them in small portions through the day. Avoid fried, junk and sweet food items. Make sure you eat fresh food and if you are in the mood of snacking, you can opt for cucumbers, carrots or have some fruits. Do not consume packaged foods like chips and popcorn.

4. Do cardio: You must have heard this from everyone, but cardio for 20 minutes a day will help. Add some planks and crunches to the mix as well as some aerobics to make your workout fun. You can keep the gym business for alternate days but make sure you walk or run every day without fail.

5. Make a strict fitness routine: It is necessary to have all your meals and stay in a focused routine to shed fat. Once you break your routine and start ignoring it, the belly is going to come back in no time. Give it a few weeks and you will be happy to see the results. Start your day early and plan it in a way where you can fit in some exercise time.

6. Keep alcohol consumption in control: We all have heard of “beer belly,” right?! and it does exist. If you drink a lot or like having beer often, you need to cut your portion. Once in a while, you can enjoy a cheat day but make sure you are keeping alcohol at bay. Beer belly does not go easily and it is quite difficult to get in shape if you continue to have high amounts of alcohol. Once you stop drinking, the add-along snacks and aerated drinks will be out of your system too.

7. Get plenty of sleep: There’s a reason fitness experts advise 8 hours of sleep because it is essential for our body. If you are resting well and sleeping for 8 hours through the night, your body will recover properly and burn fat effectively. When you switch to a new diet, exercise regime and do a lot of activity, your body needs about 8 hours of proper rest to regain energy for the next day. Along with a good sleep cycle, make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water. You can set reminders in case you are like me who forgets to drink up. There are many free apps available on the phone where you get reminded about taking a sip in a timely fashion. You can also have a glass of coconut water to stay hydrated.

8. Eat early: If you are in bed by 10:30 pm, you need to have your dinner by 7:30. Keeping a 2 to 3-hour gap between dinner and bedtime, and it would help you from gaining weight. When you get into this routine, you will notice a drastic change and quicker results too. Give it a try and let the magic work!

9. Stop taking stress: Unwind yourself for 20 minutes in a day. Watch something funny, paint, cook, dance or pursue a hobby that takes off the stress from your mind. A healthy mind will result in a fantastic body. When you get excessively stress, you sleep less, and cortisol levels increase in your body which leads to slow metabolism. Stress can also lead to overeating and fat buildup in your system. Take up a hobby or go on short trips to relax.

10. Say “no” to sugar: Refined sugar can be stopping you from shedding the overhanging belly. Walk at least 8000 steps a day, switch to honey or jaggery instead of sugar and eat right for 28 days. We assure you that you will start loving the difference it makes to your belly fat and overall body.

Additional tips: – If you like any kind of sport/ activity like badminton, swimming, hiking, trekking or so, pursue it as it will build your muscle strength and these are a few more quick hacks to lose belly fat.

 A few simple steps can lead to a flat tummy. We know belly fat is stubborn but once you challenge yourself, your overhanging tummy will be gone for good.

Conclusion: Make a routine, work for it and your body will thank you forever.


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