8 Ways to Make Dark Gums Pink

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Pink gums are very important for our personality. They play an important role in shaping our smile and thus, create an overall good impression. Dark gums look quite unhealthy and thus, if you are suffering from dark gums then it’s best to try following given remedies which will help you to make dark gums pink.

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1. Brush After Meals:

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Make it a point that you must brush after every meal. Brush after lunch and dinner. This will ensure that no food will stick to your gums and also, your mouth will be free from any infections or half-digested food. If you don’t brush after every meal, then your mouth might smell of the food too. Thus, brushing gives a fresh feel to your mouth.

2. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol:

Tobacco and alcohol is something which is extremely bad for your overall health and well-being. They darken our gums and can cause different types of mouth infections. Thus, local tobacco or tobacco in any form should be strictly avoided. Also, alcohol should also be strictly prohibited to avoid darker gums.

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3. Tea Tree Oil:

Essential Oil Bottle.Tea Tree Essence for Aromatherapy

Tea Tree oil is an anti-fungal oil which helps in preventing any bacteria or viruses from accumulating in your mouth. Use tea tree oil as a floss. This cannot be used directly. Just dilute it with water and then you are good to go. This will ensure that there is no dust and dirt in your mouth.

4. Rose Vinegar:

Another natural product which will not only help in getting pink gums but will also help in providing good aroma inside your mouth. Take some rose petals and let them soak in the rose-red vinegar, at least for a week. This will bring a beautiful flavour inside your mouth and you will get beautiful rosy pink gums after some time.

5. Sage Leaves:

Fresh garden sage herb

Sage leaves is a fabulous product to promote pink gums. They will be really helpful if you have dark gums. So, take some sage leaves and rub them directly on your dark gums or you can also put some of them in your tea and then drink it. Or you can also boil some leaves in water and then use that water as a post-meal rinse.

6. Consume Correct Vitamins:

Do you know that calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B are extremely good for your oral health? You can get calcium in a number of food products. All the dairy products and carrots are extremely good sources of calcium. Other than this, you can also consume multivitamin supplements.

7. Sumac Tree:

When you peel the bark of sumac tree and use the inside part, then it is very helpful in making your gums white. This can be gently rubbed on your dark gums. With time, you can see that the regular pink colour of the gums will gradually return.

8. Yarrow:

Tincture of yarrow in the bottle close-up horizontal

Yarrow leaves and flowers are known for their antiseptic properties. When you rub them gently over your teeth and gum area, then you will see that your gums will be much stronger and healthier.

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