20 Ways To Make Your Man Happy And Love You More

1. Just like we women love compliments when we cook food, dress up or do something good, men love getting compliments too. Compliment him each time he does something for you/family, looks handsome or cracks a good deal in business and he will be happier than ever.


2. Hug him and kiss them, they can appear rough from outside, but they are quite mushy too.

3. Most of the men look for this quality in their partners. Women should try to make yummy meals because most men are basically foodies. Surprising him with his favourite dishes can do the trick.

4. Just as we want to be surprised by our partners, they too want to be surprised. You can do little things for him on special days like birthdays, anniversaries and more. Or for best results, surprise him on a random day.

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5. This is one thing that he will always need in his life no matter how much he loves you and it is his space. Let him do the things that he likes, let him go out with friends and have a fun boy’s night without being a nagging girlfriend/wife.


6. These days there are many food ordering apps available in each locality, order from his favourite restaurant and send him food surprises randomly for his office lunch.

7. Most of us are guilty of doing this! We dress up before date nights before marriage, but after a few years into marriage, we forget to dress up. Add a bit of sparkle to your life by dressing up all gorgeous like before and it will make his heart melt.

8. Watch his choice of movie on a relaxed night because most of the times women tend to ignore men’s taste when they are watching movie together.

9. Try to be in good terms with his family members and friends as they love a girl who is adjusting and gels up quickly with his closed ones.

10. Be his mother at times when he sincerely needs advice. Men do not express that well, do guide them if that could help them in the time of crisis.

11. Tell him that he is supportive, protective, handsome, good-looking, and perfect for you and these words will make him go ga-ga!

12. Men like women who are confident and that’s a turn on for them. So dress up confidently, talk that way, advice that way and he will be yours forever.

13. Have those ‘us’ moments every now and then. Romance takes a backseat after having kids for most couples, but spend romantic moments together.

14. Say “I love you” to him often and let him know you are always there for him.

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15. Most men won’t ask for it but do help them in their financial crisis and lend a small hand if you have resources and he will appreciate it for life!

16. Do some pending thing for him that he has been meaning to do, like a task or book some tickets or any random thing, and strike it off his life and he will be crazy happy as the burden will be gone.

17. Help him in his business if he needs as men love smart women who are there to help him and take the business further.

18. Change your look every now and then if you can and he will definitely appreciate and like it. Your partner will always love you no matter what, but attraction is also a key thing to present in every relationship.

19. Be happy when you are around your man or for that matter, anyone! Men love happy women who are cheerful and don’t always nag or bother them about the same thing each time.

20. Give him his favourite beverage or drink and he will have a gala time and surely be more romantic towards you, yeah, call it a bribe 😛

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