8 Ways to Prevent Hair from Drying After Washing

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I am back with another awesome post! Today, we would be talking about ways to prevent hair from drying after washing. Frizzy and dry hair is one among the most common problems every one of us observes after getting a shower. Lack of moisture, styling, using chemical treatments or humidity may unsettle the cuticles and lead to frizz. Hair strands are made of cortex which gets affected when you wash your hair, thus, leaving them dry and brittle.

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Well, if you are dealing with dry or frizzy hair, here’s how you can get rid of it. Check out the ways to prevent hair from drying after washing.

1. Try jojoba oil

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Using jojoba oil on the scalp can promote hydrated, supple and moisturized hair. Jojoba contains a high amount of fatty acids which is very useful in preventing extremely dry or frizzy hair. You should be oiling your hair with natural jojoba oil every alternate day in order to prevent hair from drying after washing. It is always good to apply jojoba oil and leave it for overnight.

2. Skip a towel

You should skip using a towel while drying your hair as it may leave your hair super dried and frizzy. Instead of using a towel, use a t-shirt or microfiber cloth so that it dries out the water, thus, preventing the frizz and dryness. T-shirt made from soft cloth may prove to be gentle on the hair, thus, helping your hair to lay flat when dried.

3. Use leave-in conditioner


Using leave-in conditioner is very important as it can prevent your hair from getting dry. Heat along with humidity can leave you with extensively dry hair and hence, use a leave-in conditioner, which is one best remedy to prevent drying of hair after washing. Also, conditioners contain a blend of natural oils which can help to eliminate frizz and dryness of the hair. Some of the best leave-in conditioners are L’Oreal Re-Nutrition Nourishing Cream Care Leave In Conditioner and Living Proof No Frizz Leave In Conditioner.

4. Cold air

You should expose your hair to some cold air which can prevent hair from drying or frizzing. Hair frizzing or drying is due to warm weather or heat styling. Hair can also get dried due to prolonged exposure to the sun, soon after the shower. Instead of using a blow dryer, it is always good to get some cold air, so that it allows the hair follicles to cool down and, thus, promote healthy hair.

5. Soothe your hair with coconut oil

Coconut oil on table close-up

Coconut oil has innumerable benefits on hair and helps in preventing dry and frizzy hair. In order to calm down your dry hair after a shower, soothe your tresses with coconut oil. Take a small quantity of coconut oil and start applying on the damp air. Make sure you apply on the ends and work it for some time. Prevent using too much quantity as it may leave your hair oily and sticky.

6. Use of styling cream


Use styling cream as soon as you take the shower. Styling cream can help to cut down the frizz on the hair and also work as a natural conditioner which helps to keep your hair soft, smooth and supple. If you have natural texture, use styling cream soon after the shower and dry it using a diffuser. Using styling cream is essentially important for girls with curly, frizzy, dry or coarse hair. Use Nick Chavez SoftFlocker Styling Cream for better results.

7. Use a serum


If you find your ends much drier than rest of your hair, you should immediately apply the serum. Most of the women apply the serum after drying the hair but it should be used when the hair is wet. In order to get the best results, you should be using Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil.

8. Avocado mask

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Avocado contains fatty acids which form a protective layer on the hair, thus, preventing your hair from getting damaged. It helps to lock in the moisture, thus, preventing drying out of hair. Take one mashed avocado and add some olive oil to it. Mix together and apply on the scalp. Wash off with lukewarm water after some time.

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