Ways to Accessorize a Black Dress

Heylo my fellow IMBBians and everyone else! What’s up? So, okay, I have suddenly developed this strange habit of saying ‘so’ a little too often for the past week, so ignore it! Oh my! I did it AGAIN!!! Now, to business, I am going to talk about accessorizing a black dress today. I think black is the most dominant colour ever, and every girl has at least a few black dresses. I have my fair share, which I will show off in a few days, hopefully.

Black-DressEvery dress needs accessorizing depending on its cut, design and print, if you ask me. So, here are a few developments I have on accessorizing a black dress on the basis of the cut, the design and the print of the black dress. I will go one by one from head to toe on such basis. The accessorizing also depends on the occasion, in general.



The sky is the limit when it comes to accessorizing your head. This one defies the cut, the design or the print on your black dress. It should depend on the decorum, really. So here is a casual look, a formal look and an informal look for your black dress.



This one is highly dependent on the cut of your black dress. If your black dress covers your shoulders or ends around the neck a simple stud in silver or gold sans any design or a pair of solitaires should suffice. If your dress is an off-shoulder, a pair of medium or long earrings should do. This could be an array of designs, just a few or one element to it.



Now this is one region which depends on all three bases I have talked about, that is the cut, the design and the print. You will need a neckpiece if your dress is just black, that is not printed or detailed around the neck. However, a deep cut printed dress, like a printed Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress, can be accessorized with a neckpiece. The length and the width of the cut will decide if it is going to be a statement piece or just a chain in silver or gold with or without charms of the same element.


Black Dress

If you have an open back, sport a chain piece in golden, silver or bronze backwards like Cara Delevigne or Jennifer Lawrence, though none wore it with a black dress. It will still work and work wonders, I assure you.




The length of the sleeves really does not define if you are to accessorize around your wrist or not. It is more of the print and the detailing around it, if it is long sleeved. A jet black full sleeved dress can use various designs of accessories in various bright colours to cut through the blackness, but I love the gold or silver or bronze shades around it. White too. However, a full sleeved black dress with prints will demand just one element in a sleek do. Accessorizing around a detailed wrist is a big no.




Much like accessorizing your head, the fingers can be accessorized with a variety of rings depending on the decorum, but make sure it is a shade of gold or bronze or silver with or without stones that are transparent. These are the classic black dress pairings and you can never go wrong with them.



Your bag should be in accordance to your height, but that is a general notion. The blacks, the whites and the beiges will never make you go wrong. A sparkly purse would go really well too. I love the Alexander Mcqueen ones! I cannot tell you how much! It is on my wish list!


Black Dress

You can pair any shade of belt to your black dress. A thin belt of any shade and it will always go the right way. If you want to go avant garde, you could try an intricately designed belt; but make sure your dress fits you like a glove to pair with. You don’t want a lot going on, just one thing at a time.


Black Dress

Your shoes could be varied in its design, in different colours, but a white, a black or a nude pump with pointed toes always settles the deal.

An Important Note:


Make sure when you accessorize a black dress, the shade of your accessory be something bright. It really brings out your accessory and the dress really well.

In general, accessorize with one statement piece over two or more. Less is more. Also, accessorizing all over never helps. Choose two to three regions, but make sure to have sleeker, less bold and more complimentary pieces to your statement piece.

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