Ways to Air Dry Hair According to the Hair Type

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Air drying sounds something really easy to do. Just step out of the shower, rub the excess water from the hair and you are good to go, though in reality, it is not that easy and involves some technique too. If not done the right way, you can end up with frizz and flyaway hair instead of the gorgeous natural locks which proper air drying will help you to achieve. That is exactly what happened to me. My curls used turn completely frizzy after air drying. I then tried blow drying, towel drying and plopping. Finally, I learned the proper way to air dry my locks and today I swear by this method! It gives me the curls that everyone loves!
So let me share with you the tricks to correctly air dry your hair to make heads turn. ‘

Ways to Air Dry Hair According to the Hair Type

1. Straight hair

Step 1: Pat your hair dry with a T-shirt or a micro fiber towel to let your hair retain the required amount of water while drying only the excess water. This method not just helps you keep frizz at bay, but also cuts on the drying time.
Step 2: When your hair is semi-dry, use a wide-toothed comb to get rid of tangles. You do not want to wait till the hair is completely dry because dry hair can cause more tangling.
leave-inStep 3: Grab your favorite leave-in product and rake it in the hair starting from ends to mid shafts. Finally, end by scrunching your hair. This will add a little structure.

2. Wavy hair

wavy hair
Step 1: Blot excess water using a micro fiber towel or a t-shirt. Regular towel drying method causes more friction and hence more frizz. Micro fiber towels and T-shirts do not rip off your hair of its required moisture, thus preventing frizz.
Step 2: Use either a wide toothed comb or your fingers to get rid of tangles.
best-salt-spray-beach-hair-waves Step 3: For the perfect beachy waves, spray in some salt spray followed by scrunching your hair, pulling it lightly away from the scalp. Use the spray when your hair is semi-dry.
Step 4: To enhance the waves further, you can twist sections into ropes.

3. Curly hair

Step 1: This is the complicated and frizz-prone kind of hair. We curly-haired girls have to really put in a lot of effort to flaunt our gorgeous curls! The most basic rule for curly haired beauties is to not brush through your hair if you plan to flaunt those curls. Use your fingers to detangle your hair while you are conditioning them.
Step 2: Flip your hair over and use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to dab the excess water.
Step 3: When the hair is 50% dry, apply your leave-in product followed by scrunching. Since this is the most wild and moody type of hair, you might want to use a mixture of leave-in products, say a leave-in cream and some argan oil!

That is it. Now get ready to grab all the attention!

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