8 Ways To Bring out the Gorgeous Diva in you

Aren’t there times when you are so bored of looking just cute? While being cute is not bad either but every girl desires (read: secretly) to look glam at some point of time. Sometimes cute or beautiful is just not enough! You need something more. It is believed that you can’t look gorgeous unless you show off your body but we have some tips that shatter the myth. Follow our guide to know how easily you can bring out that bombshell in you ! 😉

Gorgeous Diva

1. Fuller lips:
And you know why Kylie Jenner’s lips are so raved about! Lips are one of the sexiest tools a woman has and plumper lips instantly make you look much appealing which gives you a sexy look. Also by fuller lips, we do not mean you need to go under the knife. Outlining lips above your lip line and wearing gloss would also do the trick.

2. Talk about red:


So this is something that has always been a classic. Red is such a strong colour when it comes to looking sexy. Red screams sexy. Even a simple red outfit makes you look sexier as compared to wearing other colours. Red lipstick is something any woman would rely on when nothing works.

3. Smile please:
Do you know that’s the sexiest possible thing you can do? So simple yet oh-so-sexy! People who smile often are found attractive as compared to the people who don’t. And that curve on your face is the best curve you can flaunt!

4. Sexy eyes:
Let your eyes do the talking and give you an appeal. Wider looking and intense eyes give you a sexy appearance. Brush up some mascara to make your eyes look wider or try the smoky eyes look to make heads turn. Now all you need to do is blink your eyes in slow motion and Bamm!! You just hit them right on their heart!

5. Laces and more laces:
This works on everyone. Laces are so perfect when it comes to balancing what to show and what to flaunt. Wear laces to make you look sexier by accentuating the parts of your body you would like to reveal!

6. Loose curls:
This is a way that really transforms your look from plain to super sexy. Loose curls teasing around your face make you look gorgeous irrespective of the kind of outfit you are wearing. It’s one of the most romantic hairstyles one can wear and you do not need to be perfect at it; the messier the better!

7. Lose weight:
Okay we know this is not something that can be done instantly but ladies, wake up! You can look much more sexier without those flabs which add so many years to your look. While being skinny is not something even close to sexy but a well-toned and slim body will make you look perfect.

And this is something that every woman necessarily needs to have. . .

8. Confidence:
Even the best dress and makeup would go in vain if you don’t carry the most important tool in your kitty – confidence. A confident woman can bring the world to her feet, and confidence is also the sexiest thing a man finds in a woman. So when there is nothing much you can do, you can use this most inexpensive trick to be the sexy woman you are!

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