Rocking Ways to Carry Print On Print Trend

Hi Ladies,

Mixing two prints in one outfit is not that easy and requires a great sense of style. If done well then it could look really stylish. As mixing prints could be a bit tricky, I am here to help you today with this post of mine. Keep reading to know more.

print on print

Keep the Base Colour Same

When you are thinking of mixing 2 prints, remember to keep the base colour same for both the prints. If you keep the colour tone same then there are very few chances of error in the outfit and your both prints will shine together.

Be Creative

Do not just sit around thinking that the prints that have hanging around in your closet will not work together. Stand up, go to your wardrobe and try all the prints that have in your closet one by one. You might get a completely new outfit out of it.

Mixed Prints

Consider your Body Type

This is crucial. Bold prints may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Try to mix and match things and prints and figure out what works for your body type. For instance, if you have a pear shaped body then horizontal prints will further give the appearance of fuller hips but vertical strips will tone them down.

stripe fashion

Accessorise Properly

Sometimes 2 prints do not work together but if you add a solid coloured belt then the look just falls into place. So, always accessorise well and choose your options carefully from shoes, belts, bags to statement necklaces.

fashion accessory

Scale is the Key

Wearing 2 exaggerated bold prints together in screaming bold colours might not suit everyone. You can pair a bold print with small prints to create a more wearable and edgy look.

Striped Prints

If you don’t want the hassle of mixing elaborate prints but still would like to follow this trend then you can go for the option i.e. mixing striped prints. Stripes work great with almost all kinds of prints and still manage to give you that trendy look.


Floral Prints

Florals are great for summers and can be faired with other floral prints in same colour tone to create a different look. Floral prints are also very versatile and look great with stripes, polka dots or even graphic prints.

floral fashion

Animal Prints

Animal prints are not that difficult to carry off together, you just have to mix and match and find out what suits you. Animal prints have organic patterns so you can easily go for 2 different animal prints which complement each other.

animal print fashion

Black and White Prints

This is also one of the safest ways but look super classic and chic. The key is to use just 2 colours; black and white. You can go for different patterns in prints and work your way to a great monochromatic look.


Less is More

Incorporate neutral colours in your outfit if you think prints are becoming too overwhelming. Print on print trend can easily become chaotic so always remember less is more when it comes to prints.

simple print on print

That’s all for now gals…please comment below on your favorite from the list.

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