5 Ways To Change and Enhance your Curl Pattern

By Smriti Prabhat

Rainy weather is hell for curly hair, honestly! I have frizz all over my head! I am a curly haired girl with 3B/3C hair. If you too want to find your curl type, check out ‘Types of Curly Hair – Which Type Are You?‘. On most days, I can manage my styles perfectly well. Sometimes, however, I need something to loosen those curls up. I have always love Type 2 curls and occasionally, I do a few things that give me temporary Type 2 curly hair. Here are some techniques that will change and enhance your curl pattern for the short term.

Curl Pattern

Twist Outs
5 Ways To Enhance Your Curl Pattern5

I found a great twist out technique some time ago and have stuck with it. I apply my oils (argan oil at the ends and just running a bit of coconut oil all over except my scalp). Then, I divide my hair into 5 sections on each side. This is because I have pretty heavy hair and if you have a normal amount of volume, you can choose your own number. Since I detangle in the shower with my conditioner on, I use some basic finger detangling on each section and start twisting them. I secure them using a clip.


5 Ways To Enhance Your Curl Pattern3

I use buns when I need my curl pattern to be smooth on top with slight Type 2 curls at the bottom. I divide my hair into two parts and make two buns at the bottom of my ear. My technique of making buns is basically twisting the section on itself and then securing it with a rubber band so that it stays in place. For this technique, I use a brush to smooth out the top part of my hair. And I know, I know, it’s not recommended to use a brush on curly hair but it works great for this style, at least for me.

Bantu Knots

5 Ways To Enhance Your Curl Pattern1

Bantu knots are a lot better for Type 4 hair and Type 2 hair. Type 4 curlies can use bantu knots to make their texture slightly looser. Type 2 curlies would get an immense amount of curl definition with bantu knots, but it wouldn’t be like using a curling rod – the results would be a lot natural.

Flexi Rods

5 Ways To Enhance Your Curl Pattern2

Do you see curly haired celebrities and gawk in envy? I have loved that kind of shiny and perfect curly hair, even if it ends up looking a bit fake and unlike the natural pattern, teehee. Flexi rods are amazing for this purpose. You can use them on slightly wet hair and remember to follow the right technique while taking them out slowly, holding the curl in your hand before you drop it, or all your hard work would go down the drain.


5 Ways To Enhance Your Curl Pattern4

Braids give you effortless beachy curls and people with thick curls would love this style because you have great curl patterns all over your hair. I only use two sections for this style and I DO NOT use sea salt spray because it turns my hair into straw. If you have well moisturised curly hair, you can give it a shot.

Essential Tips:

• Always try these styles on hair that is slightly damp. Spritz with more water when needed.
• Apply your products beforehand for the style to come out shiny and moisturised.
• Don’t brush/comb your hair after the style comes out, just use your fingers to style those curls.

If you use these tips regularly, you will notice that your hair has become smoother. This is mostly because when you have leave-in conditioner and oils in your hair, these hairdos help the product seep into your hair better. So, try them out and let me know how it turned out!

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  1. I love curly hair but I am aware that how difficult is it to manage curls. I looooved using flexi rods when I had long hair and it would make my hair look soooo gorgeous.

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