10 Ways to Check if you Have Lost Weight Without Stepping on the Scale

Do you know it takes around 2 to 3 months for people around you to notice that you have dropped a lot of weight! And when compliments and accolades don’t come your way even after sticking to your weight loss diet and exercise strictly, then self doubt kicks in and one may actually feel apprehensive to continue putting so much time and effort without anyone noticing any change; more so, when you don’t see a huge difference whenever you step on to the weighing scale expecting magical numbers to flash. Being on a good weight loss diet such as on the Rati Beauty app guarantees weight loss and there’s no room for uncertainty, and here are some amazing ways to check if you have lost weight without stepping on a scale. Don’t worry about random fluctuations on the weighing scale, instead look for these subtle ways that show that your body is changing!

Ways to Check if you Have Lost Weight Without Stepping on Scale

1. Clothes Will Hang a Little Looser Around you: Remember, you are losing inches as well on the diet, and now clothes that earlier fit snugly, are hanging loose on your body. Before trying to fit into your old jeans, notice how the clothes in your wardrobe fit more comfortably now.
2. Now your Shirts Button up More Easily: Give your diet and exercise routine complete credit if shirts are buttoning up quite easily and the jackets fit loosely.
3. Simple Tasks Will Not Feel Exhausting: Since you have more energy and you are eating the right kind of food, you would not feel exhausted after just a few hours into the day. In fact, you can motor through the day relatively well without significant drop in energy.
4. Shrinking Waistline: As we have mentioned above, Rati Beauty diet also helps you lose inches off the waist – grab a tape and measure your waistline.
5. You will Enjoy Exercising:  Exercise no longer feels like a painful chore, it should surprise you that you now look forward to workouts.
6. Your Face Will Look Less Chubby: A large majority of women tend to lose weight from their face first, so if your face looks a little slim, you have lost weight.
7. Hip Bones Become More Prominent: When you lose love handles, the hip bones start becoming more visible, something that you hadn’t noticed earlier.
8. Periods Have Become Regularized: Losing even 5% of body weight can help in regularizing periods, and doctors often suggest losing weight as a standard measure to treat PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease). So, if you have been following the correct form of diet and exercise, the periods would regularize!
9. You can See Veins on the Hands Prominently: With overall fat loss, the veins on the hands become more visible!
10. Yippie, you need to Punch a Few Extra Holes on your Belt: To cinch up the waist, you may need to punch a few extra holes to tighten the belt around your pants.

Summing up, there would be a general feeling of well being and vibrancy, and you would be motivated and inspired to reach your goal weight.

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