10 Strategies to Look Leaner and Fitter

Okay, so your best friend’s wedding is coming up in a month or it’s your anniversary in three months – and you want to look leaner and a little lighter to fit into the gorgeous outfit that you bought a size smaller – sounds familiar? Getting lean and fit is a daily struggle for people who look for shortcuts and unhealthy means to do so (read – pills, potions, and fat cutters), but it can be a bit easier for people who realize that it takes time, effort, and they follow the right strategies in order to lose weight. To help you out, we list down 10 ways to look leaner and fitter.

How to look leaner and fitter

1. Start on a Healthy Weight Loss Diet:  The right kind of weight loss diet will put you into calorie deficit (essential to lose weight) without extreme food deprivation or starvation mode or resorting to severe calorie cutting. The diets on Rati Beauty app include only healthy and nutritious food, maintain you in a calorie deficit, and help you lose weight the healthy way. All the diet programs and exercise routines on the Rati Beauty app help people of all ages to lose weight the healthy way, without compromising on health and nutrition. The best thing is that these routines are sustainable and there’s no chance that someone would bounce back to their earlier weight.
2. Fill Half of your Plate with Veggies: But do make sure those plates are not 12 inches or larger. Ideally, you should eat out of an 8-inch plate to practice portion control and fill that up with veggies of your choice (ideally green leafy ones). Most vegetables are low in calories and high on nutrition, so you would feel full, get adequate nutrition, without the need to look for unhealthy snacks.
3. Positive Attitude: When making that important decision to embark on a weight loss journey, the first thing to gather is a positive attitude that things will work according to the plan. Such an attitude also keeps you on track, motivate to work harder, and prevent you from giving up too soon. In fact, being persistent and having a positive attitude are important keys to reach your dream weight. Read more about “10 Weight Loss Attitudes you Must Change to See Positive Results.”
4. Have an Early Dinner: Rati Beauty weight loss diet encourages people to have their dinner by 7 pm before the metabolism slumps down so that food is better digested and absorbed, without taxing the digestive system, and that way, better sleep is guaranteed. A good night’s sleep is essential for the functioning of fat-burning hormones and enzymes and also to keep stress and hunger hormone in check.
5. Amp up Protein: This macronutrient works in different ways to target stored fat – it speeds up metabolism, helps build muscle, burns more calories, reduces hunger hormone, and keeps one fuller for longer, preventing unwanted cravings and overeating.
6. Change Exercise Routines Frequently: Sticking to just one form of exercise in order to lose weight will stop working after a while because the body would get used to the routine and burn fewer calories thereafter. Mix up exercise forms such as HIIT, yoga, weights, resistance, walking, cardio to burn fat more efficiently.
7. Make These Lifestyle Changes: Weight loss is not limited to maintaining a calorie deficit by eating healthy and exercising, you should make lifestyle changes to see major results, and we are talking about these  “17 Small Lifestyle Habits That Will Help you with Weight Loss.”
8. Make Sure you are Getting Enough Fiber: We often do not get enough fiber through the diet. Fiber, just like protein, works in multiple ways to aid weight loss – by keeping one full for longer and the gut flora happy. As we all know, a robust gut is the secret formula for great health and also successful weight loss.
9. Don’t Forget Healthy Fats: A good loss diet will promote good servings of protein, carbs, fiber, and also a decent serving of healthy fats. Good fats help in mobilizing stored fat and in burning of fat layers. Read more about “How Eating Fats Can Make you Thin.”
10. Sleep for 7 Hours: Good-quality sleep is tied tightly to weight loss because low number of sleeping hours reduces leptin (satiety hormone) level, increases stress hormone production, lowers metabolism, impairs the functioning of fat-burning enzymes, increases level of the hunger hormone “ghrelin.” In fact, sleeping for less than 7 hours would lead to weight gain!

If you are serious about weight loss, start implementing these strategies right now.

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