Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss

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A shout out to everyone on the weight loss journey. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to do that which is definitely commendable. Some of you might just have reached your goal; I mean the targeted weight you wanted for yourself and celebrating it (with cup cakes, tiramisu, ice creams *wink*). But, this is the high time you need to focus because all the efforts you’ve been putting to lose weight turn utterly useless. You lose weight very slowly and gain very fast, may be this doesn’t really happen but we all feel so. Today’s article has some tips to help you maintain the weight lost. Please keep reading to know.

retain weightloss

1. Try different techniques

A study by researchers at Penn State suggested that the techniques that work for losing weight aren’t necessarily the same as those that help keep you slim. So to maintain that weight you need different techniques like sticking to a consistent realistic exercise routine on daily basis.

2. Watch that shopping list

shopping list

Once you enter the super market’s gourmet, snacks and other eatable section, the sight of those yummy treats, cheese spreads and swiss rolls make you forget everything. You know you end up buying a lot of things in that temptation. And, these things are high in sugar, saturated fat, sodium and calories. Always make a shopping list to avoid buying those unnecessary binge eating catalysts while shopping. If possible take someone along who has been with you through your weight loss journey.

3. Stick to cheat day strategy

You know how the cheat day wait kept you motivated when you were on your weight loss mission. Keep this strategy going to maintain the weight as well. However, you can have two cheat days in a week (one as a reward for your commitment and dedication hihihi).

4. Homemade breakfast

homemade breakfast

No matter what happens, you need that homemade breakfast every day. Homemade breakfast is healthy, fulfilling and easy to digest as compared to those so called on-the-go fast food breakfast options. Pack fruits and vegetable salads to curb untimely hunger attacks.

5. Make a ‘goals’ list

This list can have all those goals you can achieve while you keep losing those extra kilos; like getting that designer body hugging dress you’ve been eyeing since ages or some particular look which suits only a lean body. You know yourself better so you can make that list better I just have these “personal” examples.

6. If possible, get a diet plan

diet plan

Having a dietician made ‘diet plan’ is going to be very helpful to maintain that weight. This way you will know what you are going to eat throughout the day without suffering that weird confusion and ending up ordering pizza and that discounted soft drink. Those marketing strategies do work, see how they play you with extra calories by offering discount coupons.

7. Use some creative motivation

Get a poster of your before and after weight loss picture and post it where you can see it daily. Some positive quotes related to weight loss and screenshots of lovely compliments you have been getting now on your phone’s homescreen will also do the trick. This motivation will keep you going and you will watch out for everything that may result in getting back those nasty kilos.

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