10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise Regularly and Keep Fit

It’s a fact that gym memberships shoot up significantly in the month of January every year and that’s because a significant number of people, make “fitness” a part of their New Year resolution, and like all New Year resolutions, this one fades into insignificance when other priorities in life take over. Most gyms see 50% fall in membership by March end and that’s because people do get demotivated and get off the fitness wagon too soon. Exercising regularly cannot and should not be given the last priority, especially if you want to get fit, healthy, and of course lose weight. Talking about weight loss, you can drop the extra kilos only by combining healthy eating habits with moderate amount of exercise. One can cook a million excuses to avoid exercising, but remember speedy weight loss can only be achieved when you get active and exercise on a regular basis. It is recommended that you dedicate at least one hour each day, five days a week, to get fit and lose weight. There’s no need to even hit the gym, one can totally get active doing workouts at home – yoga, pushups, calisthenics, the options are just endless – you just need the right kind of attitude and mindset and there are a whole lot of ways that will open out for you. More than physical limitations or lack of time, we need to overcome mental blocks that stop us from working out. Most of us who are trying to lose weight try out different ways to do so – from dieting to indulging in some form of physical activity. For people who are trying to shed extra pounds, we agree it’s not an easy fight, but it’s still do-able. If you find that you get off fitness track very often and get demotivated, here are 10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise Regularly and Keep Fit.


  • Improves sleep.
  • Builds stamina.
  • Increases energy.
  • Reduces risk of injury.
  • Helps to prevent type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other life-threatening diseases.
  • Lifts mood.
  • Reduces anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Helps to lose and maintain weight.
  • Most Popular Forms of Exercises:

    1. Walking: It’s the easiest way to get active. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking is enough to get you active and kickstart your fitness journey. The best thing about walking is that you do not need any kind of equipment, just a pair of walking shoes is enough. Walking for a certain amount of time on a daily basis will reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, will improve your energy levels, and help you sleep better.
    2. Strength Training: As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass and strength training helps to build back muscle. It also improves one’s stamina and make regular mundane tasks easy. The best way to get into shape is by lifting weights and strength training.
    3. Cardio: Cardio exercises work on large muscles of arms, legs and hips, increasing the heart rate and breathing, and in return, you get to burn calories. They are mostly free hand exercises and are sometimes grouped under the category of free hand exercises called aerobics. Cardio exercises are apt for people who want to exercise at home where one doesn’t have sufficient room/space for installing heavy gym equipment. In this post, we have listed out 8 Cardio Exercises to Do at Home for Weight Loss.
    4. Stretching: Stretching improves flexibility of the body and eases the pain from muscles and tendons. When there is stiffness, cramps, and joint pain, proper stretching can relieve them all and it also reduces the risk of injury.
    5. Yoga: Yoga is one of the easiest and effective ways to boost your physical and mental strength. Yoga”. Yoga, the Sanskrit word for “union”, is a practice that uses posture and breathing techniques to induce relaxation and improve strength, and helps to lose weight. Whether you practice yoga to relax, stretch, breathe, meditate, or simply because it’s in fashion, you may not realize the numerous health benefits of yoga. And while there are many different kinds of yoga, ranging from the more gentle hatha yoga to the more strenuous, like Bikram yoga or power yoga, every form of yoga improves your health from head to toe. Yoga can help meditate, relieve stress, tackle body pains, increase flexibility, and also helps with weight loss. Rati Beauty has a lot of exercise programs including yoga which help you to lose extra weight without tiring you out.

    10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise Regularly and Keep Fit:

    1. Visualize yourself into a shape that you want to be in: Rather than having a negative body image and absolutely hating the body you are in, take the help of creative visualization and imagine yourself in the shape that you eventually want to be in. This helps your subconscious mind to push you towards achieving that goal. Once creative visualization comes into play, it will motivate you to work towards it, make undoable tasks like exercise much easier. Try it and see it for yourself.

    2. Ease yourself into exercising: If you haven’t worked out ever before, it would be a good idea to start with less strenuous exercises first – simple yogasanas, walking, stretching, etc., wouldn’t exhaust you out and as you ease into the routine, you can opt for high intensity exercises such as jogging, strength training. Walking into a gym and lifting heavy weights will not only increase your risk for injury, it will make the whole fitness routine like a punishment.

    3. Yoga is for everyone: Anyone and everyone can do yoga, at any place. Yogasanas like plank pose, virabhadrasana, trikonasana, dhanurasana, naukasana are great for weight loss. Also, 12 cycles of surya namaskar can bring about a remarkable change in the body. You just need a yoga mat and 30 minutes in a day for yoga to change your fitness level.

    4. Chalk out an exercise schedule at a time convenient for you: Most people find it difficult to squeeze out time during morning hours for exercise and that serves as a perfect excuse to skip it altogether. Draw a time table for yourself and keep aside at least 45 minutes to 1 hour from your daily routine for physical activity. You could either workout in the morning or evening, but avoid exercise close to your bedtime because all that adrenaline rush would keep you awake for most of the night.

    5. Make exercise a daily habit rather than a task: Just as we have mentioned earlier, make exercise a habit, rather than a task that you need to just finish. Once you take it as a habit, you will find yourself actually enjoying and looking forward, and losing weight would just become secondary.

    6. Exercise is not a way to punish yourself: Working out and physical activity should not be a torture and a way to punish one’s body for all the weight that it has put on. Exercise should get you excited and act as a mood lifter, rather than something you dread about. Exercise should not be tiring you out, it should leave you energetic and active.

    7. Divide your week into different days: Split your week into upper body day, lower body day, abs and core day, stretching and breathing day so that you can bring a certain discipline to your fitness regimen and spread out the exercises across the week, without ignoring important muscle groups.

    8. Coax your friend to join you: Don’t be selfish and get a like-minded to join you. This way, when one person gets demotivated, the other one can push you to stay on the track.

    9. Keep a fitness band to track your progress: Counting your steps, keeping a track of how many calories you have burnt, would keep you motivated and encourage you to do more.

    10. Stop making fitness a New Year Resolution: Last but not the least, stop making “fitness” a part of your New Year resolution, one doesn’t need to wait till the year end to think about fitness, any day is a good day, and it’s never too late to get fit and healthy.

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