Ways to Store Your Nail Polishes

Ways to Store Your Nail Polishes

I have been obsessed about finding the right spice rack or wall racks for displaying my nail polishes. Something that would display them beautifully and keep them in my sight for easy acess for matching shades. There are some fabulous ideas to store your nail polish, depending upon how many nail polishes you own 😛 Take a look:

Spice rack

You can find them online or at utility stores spice racks or even bathroom shelves that suit your fancy will do the trick. They do not take much space either.



Any small drawers in your vanity dresser or even your regular cupboard drawers will hold your array of nail colors easily.
nail polish drawer

Wall Display

These days you get wall display shelves in sets of three or more easily in all lifestyle and furniture stores. Get them and you can even paint them to suit your room.


Big Vanity Cases

Often I get some kind of vanity boxes with makeup purchased over an amount, and my makeup is way too big to be stored in these. Hence I use older vanity boxes to store nail colors, you can make a cardboard divider or put ice trays as a divider in the case.



The could even be magazine or paper holders or simple sectioned rolls you find at stationery stores too.You can hang them like a magazine holder or even roll them and store in the cupboard.


Cake stands

OMG these are my favortie, I would love to buy some and store them at the top of my chest of drawers full of makeup.


Ice trays


Dont discard your old ice  trays yet, use them for nail polishes and also they can snug fit inside any drawer or shelf.

Big glass jars, vases and bowls


You can easily find these fancy jars or containers and fill them up with polish, they will be handy and easy to locate too in a hurry.

Chocolate and cookie jars and containers

I have these huge tin boxes and chocolate and cookie containers too, you could even use your see-through sugar and pickle and cookie containers and jars and store polish.


Plastic containers

These will be available at any store that sells kitchen items, just buy similar sized ones to stack, or buy one big according to your need.


Divided plastic containers

You can find them at places that sell fridge and kitchen storage. I.I have a huge one that I use to store lipstick and nail color. They are transparent so make my job easy.

Cardboard or shoe boxes

I recetnly bought some running shoes which came in a huge stiff and sturdy orange box. It was ideal to store polishes upside down or how you like it, very very spacious if you have a huge collection. You can even DIY them with colorful paper or cloth covers.


Acrylic stands

These are ultimate for you to store nail colors with ease of color visibility,international websites would surely have them.


Building blocks

I dont think my daughter would ever let me, but it is a cute idea no doubt.



Jute baskets

You can get them anywhere, any thing like even a roti basket that is deep and sturdy would do the trick, these look super!

DIY rack:

And lastlty, a beautiful rack you can make at home.Read more about it HERE.


These are the ideas I loved, what about you? Please do add something that you  like to store your polishes in 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Ways to Store Your Nail Polishes

  1. An awesome post neha…..I like the ice tray and rack idea. Already storing my nail polishes in a jar and vanity case…. *woot* *woot*

  2. wow amazing post *woot* .I keep them in refrigerator,I dont know why?
    I think its my perception they do not dry in refrigerator *specs*

  3. Superb ideas all of them…i store mine in the myntra boxes..but I really like the cookie jar and cake stand idea… 😀 😀

  4. Wow ..What a Post neha !!
    CAKE STAND is such super cute idea. i love it totally !! *clap* *clap*
    ICE TREY is such innovative way to store it. *thankyou*

  5. Beautiful post Neha! The ice tray idea looks quiet new and innovative *preen* I always use shoe boxes and huge plastic boxes for storing my polishes 😉 *happy dance* *duh* *jai ho*

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