7 Ways to Tie Hair to Avoid Frizzy Hair in the Morning

We all know the struggle of fixing slept-on hair. The best blow outs and hairstyles can be a total mess once we have slept on them. There are a number of things to care of if you want to wake up to untangled, non-messy, beautiful hair. Avoid sleeping with wet hair, use a satin pillow case and never ever go to sleep with dirty hair. Along with that, you need to tie your hair to avoid sleeping on it. So here are a few ways to tie your hair while you get your beauty sleep. Also, remember to steer clear of elastic bands especially during bed-head time. Use a scrunchy instead.

 Ways to Tie Hair

Tie your hair in a high pony so that the scalp is able to breath. Avoid tying it too tight as hair on the crown starts thinning first. Tying hair loosely is necessary, especially if you have long hair; your hair might get tugged while you are asleep.

2. Do the twist

top knot
Pull you hair up right to the hairline at the front (close to your forehead). Twist it and tie it up in a top knot. It’s like working against the natural direction of the hair. When you open your hair in the morning, it will look full bodied, as if you have blow-dried it.

3. Braids

This will save your hair from all the tangles while you are tossing and turning in the night. There are many options: side braid, 2 pigtail braids, French braid, Dutch braid and many more.

4. Tight braid for waves/curls

You can pull your hair into a tight braid: reverse French braid, a fishtail braid or a Dutch braid. This helps you wake up to beautiful beach waves. You can use hair spray for best results. I have tried this myself and I swear by the results. However, it is recommended that you do this only once in a while because tying your hair tight every night can cause many problems.

5. Pineappling

If you have natural straight hair, you should opt for pineappling to avoid all morning hair struggle. Bend over, gently gather all your hair at the top of your head and secure with a scrunchy. Get your beauty sleep. After you wake up, remove the scrunchy and spray water or any leave-in product for amazing 2nd day, 3rd day curls.

6. Paper towel curls

Paper towel curls
This is a perfect way to achieve heatless overnight curls. Take small sections of hair and spritz with water. Next, take the hair and wrap the last few inches upward over, and around, the paper towel strip to secure the strand’s ends. Then continue to roll the rest of the strand upwards toward the head. When you reach the head, tie the paper towel as though you are tying a shoelace. That is it!

7. Wrapping for sleek, straight hair

This method helps you save the morning hair-straightening time by keeping your night-straightened hair safe and sleek. Brush all the hair forward. Starting at the parting area, brush the hair in layers around the forehead. Start with the hair nearest the hairline. Progress by adding layers from the rest of your head. Secure with bobby pins.

That is it. Remember to get enough sleep and also take care of your hair by oiling it at least once a week. Hope this helps!

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