6 Ways To Use Coffee For Shiny and Long Hair

Be it to keep you awake or give you a pump at the start of the day, no one can be a better friend than a cup of hot coffee! Coffee has amazing beauty uses and yes, many women claim that it does some amazing things for the hair and skin. Well, be ready to use that favourite drink of yours in a variety of ways for your hair too.

Coffee For Shiny Hair

      1. Coffee Exfoliator: With regular sweating and use of a number of products, there is a lot of build-up that gets accumulated sticking to the scalp. Product buildup can cause itching and hair fall too. To clear buildup, take a bit of coffee powder, add a few drops of water, and massage directly on the scalp. This fresh scrub will make sure that your scalp is clean and it will leave an invigorating aroma in your hair too.


    1. Coffee Rinse: Brew some coffee, cool it down which means yes, you can keep it in the fridge for a while too as cold water works the best for hair. After shampoo, rinse your hair with this cold coffee water and then later wash it once again with cold water. This coffee rinse will make your hair silky and it is also sure to turn your brittle, dull hair into super shiny locks.

Ways To Use Coffee For Shiny Long Hair

  1. Coffee Hair Mask: This is one famous hack that has become really popular these days! You can mix coffee powder, vitamin E and some aloe vera gel to a paste-like consistency. Apply this hair mask on your hair for 30 to 40 minutes and wash it off to get a beautiful natural brown hair colour with an amazing shine. Repeat this to get a more intense colour.
  2. Hair Pack For Dull Hair: Coffee hair mask can do wonders for your hair much more than you expect. Well, this is one easy pack to make and you can try it on a relaxing Sunday to pamper your tresses. Mix coffee powder, some olive oil and some honey. Apply this and follow it with regular shampoo and conditioning. This will give you a nice boost of shine and silkiness to your brittle, dull hair.
  3. Coffee Oil: You can add some coffee to your regular oil and if you have a fussy nose and cannot bear the strong coffee scent, then add a few more invigorating oils to supress the smell. Boil it on a low flame for 3-4 hours and then cool down, sieve it and store it. Coffee increases the blood circulation in the scalp when you apply it which in turn promotes hair growth.
  4. Coffee Leave-in Conditioner: Do not have time to oil your hair every now and then? Then one of the best ways to go for is use a leave-in conditioner 20-30 minutes before you wash your hair. Take a spray bottle, add coffee powder, vitamin E and some rose water in it. Shake it well and spray it all over your hair and tie a braid so that it completely absorbs it. No need for a spa session before an event because this recipe will transform your hair in 30 minutes only.

Do tell us some other recipes with coffee that you use to enhance your beauty. Also, do let us know the results after using these tips 🙂

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