8 Ways to Tone Back After Weight Loss

It is a common experience for many people who struggle to lose weight that after they have been successful in attaining their desired weight, it becomes quite difficult for them to get back to a well-toned and tight figure sans any loose skin. And that is quite depressing and not at all acceptable, but we have come up with several neat tricks that can ensure that you will regain/attain a toned figure post losing weight. So, today, sensing the urgency and pertinence of the aforementioned concern, we shall take a tour of the various means that we may adopt to tone back after losing our weights and scaling down on the weighing machines to our desired figure on the scale. So, without any further ado, let us begin:

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1. Buff up: This is the most popular skin tightening technique in the book. And it is pretty sane and a proven method to keep your skin from sagging after you have lost weight. Lifting weights is a really good idea if you are serious to slim and tone down. It is most advisable to hit the gym and take the assistance of a professional gym trainer to chart out a workout routine to get yourself toned.

2. Hydrate: It is a common occurrence that people usually after losing weight do not pay much heed to the intake of sufficient quantities of fluids into their systems. Our skin tends to dry up post loss of weight and hence it is most medically prudent to drink sufficient water and liquids to keep the skin supple and toned.

3. Massage: Getting massage done is an effective way to tone up body and get rid of loose skin. By means of proper massage, you can prevent skin from losing its suppleness post losing weight.

4. Augment skin elasticity: It has been observed that skin loses its natural elasticity with increasing age and the same holds true for people losing weight through exercise and diet. We can try to consume food items rich in collagen such as beans, eggs, dairy products, tomato, leafy vegetables, broccoli, avocados, etc. Also, antioxidant-rich food items such as pomegranate, banana, kiwi, apricots, grapes help to maintain the texture of the skin. Taking nuts and fish rich in omega-3 also boost skin’s elasticity.

5. Moisturize: Moisturizing skin is equally important as keeping yourself hydrated. Additionally, we should try to supplement our fluid intake with the application of skin-plumping collagen rich creams and body lotions. Again, natural products such as coconut oil, almond, olive oil etc to lock in and tighten the skin.

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6. Avoid exposure to sunlight and pollutants: While it is near to impossible to avoid sunlight and air pollution nowadays, we can try to limit the duration of exposure. Following the same logic, we must avoid sun beds and the like so that we do not end up sagging our skin.

7. Stay the course: This is an age old wise saying – and like most of them we can assert with confidence that this one is gold. We must continue to exercise even after losing weight not only to avoid rebound weight gain but also to guarantee that we do not end up with saggy skin.

8. Cosmetic procedures: Cosmetic remedies such as skin tightening as well as botox are known to tighten skin when it begins to sag as an inadvertent result of losing weight. It is known to burn holes in one’s pocket and has many undesirable side effects, however, it does merit mention in the list nonetheless.

Well dear readers, tell us what you think of today’s piece and share your thoughts in the comments section below. As always, stay pretty and healthy.


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