10 Ways to Treat Dry Elbows

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Dry elbows are a common problem during winters when temperature drops and humidity levels deplete. However, some people can be prone to dry elbows all year round as well. The dry and chapped skin on elbows can be blamed on to a lot of factors including genes and they are most often curable. Today, I am back with an article on “Ways to treat dry elbows’’. Stay tuned!

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1. Exfoliate

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Exfoliate your elbows to take off the dead and dry skin cells. However, beware of harsh granules present in some of the scrubs available in the market. Always use a gentle scrub and massage it into wet skin in soft circular motion.

2. Massage with milk dipped cotton balls

Milk is a natural moisturizer and is rich in cream and lactic acid. While lactic acid makes sure that dry and dead cells on your elbows shed off, the moisturizing properties of milk keep your elbows protected in the windy and cold weather.

3. Moisture with a thick lip balm

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Using the right kind of moisturizer is the key to keep your elbows protected from drying off further. Sometimes, your regular moisturizer may not provide a shield to your skin for a longer period of time. In such a case, your lip balm can very well come to your rescue. They are generally more moisturizing and nourishing than body lotions and creams and last longer on your skin.

4. Keep them covered

Keeping your elbows covered is a sure shot way to protect them from harsh winds, dirt, dust, sun and cold weather. Also, always try to wear clothes made out of natural fabrics like cotton and linen as they are gentler on the skin and will not irritate your elbows further.

5. Be gentle

Favourite cosmetics can help feel better

Exfoliating your elbows with the help of harsh loofahs and brushes might seem like an easy and quick fix. However, stay assured that this habit will backfire in the long run. Instead of using easy hacks, it is important that you treat your elbows in a correct manner to keep them prim and proper in the long run.

6. Consult your doctor for any underlying problem

If the skin on your elbows refuses to respond to the methods listed above, it may be the time that you consult your dermatologist/doctor and ask if there could be an underlying problem causing dry and cracked skin in the first place.

7. Deep condition

fingers dipped in jar of petroleum jelly

Apart from moisturizing your elbows throughout the day, you need something heavy duty on your elbows to treat them from inside while you get your 8 hours of beauty sleep. For this, we suggest that you use Vaseline petroleum jelly on your elbows at night. Just apply a thick coat of jelly on your elbows before bedtime, forget about it and doze off.

8. Avoid harsh soaps/moisturizers

Most of the soaps and moisturizers available in the market contain harsh fragrance and chemicals which can further mess up with your elbows and make them even drier. To tackle this problem, use a medicated soap and moisturizer that does not contain any artificially added fragrance or chemicals and is gentle on your skin.

9. Avoid hot showers

Hot showers may seem like an ultimate luxury after a hard day at work, but it makes the dry skin drier and makes your skin lose its moisture. Instead, opt for cool showers and lock in the moisture the moment you step out of it. Over a period of time, you will realize that cold showers are as rejuvenating and relaxing as hot bubble baths and they spare your skin from the damage as well.

10. Don’t itch that area

Woman scratching her elbow.

Dry and cracked elbows may irritate a lot making you want to itch it. Itching the area may provide you some relief in the short run, however, it will make your cracks and dryness spread and make the condition worse over the time and also cause infections.

That’s it for today, girls! Hope this helps.

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