10 Ways To Use Tomato In Your Beauty Routine

Chop, slice, eat! Or hey, use them in these 10 ways for your skin. Tomato can always be your skin’s best friend no matter what your skin issue is. This little fruit has always been one of the top kitchen ingredients that gets used in multitude of face and body packs. This vegetable/fruit can give crystal clear glass-like skin if used in the right way. When you squeeze the tomatoes, you get ample amount of vitamin C that helps to give you a flawless complexion. Scroll and have a glance at 10 ways to use this amazing vegetable.

Ways To Use Tomato In Your Beauty Routine

1. Tomato toner: Toner tightens up skin and makes it firm. Making a toner out of tomato will help fade marks and clear up skin, and make the complexion glow. Squeeze out a few tomatoes in the mixer, strain the juice and store it in a spray bottle. Spritz it on a cotton pad and apply each night before going to bed. Keep eyes closed while spraying.

2. Tomato ice cubes: A lot of celebrities follow this simple inexpensive trick of skin icing that helps to reduce pores, tighten skin and give you glass-like skin. Pour tomato juice into ice trays and use one cube each everyday wrapped in a soft cloth and massage on the face. See the magic happen on your skin in just 2 weeks only.

3. Tomato slices: The simplest way to do is to cut tomatoes into slices and rub them directly on the skin. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and it will work wonders for scars, marks and lightens pigmentation as well. This remedy is for all the lazy girls out there.

4. Tomato Sugar Scrub: For an instant glow for a date or a party, pour some sugar over half a slice of tomato, rub it in circular motion over your face for 10 minutes and wash it off. You will see a magical glow!

5. Tomato Sleep Pack: Add a few drops of tomato juice, prick one capsule of vitamin E and mix it with ready aloe vera gel. Use this as a sleep pack everyday before you go to bed and see the wake up glow the next morning.

6. Oats Body Scrub: Most of us tend to concentrate only on the face and hence making this tomato+oats body scrub is the best! Mash or crush tomato pulp and add oats to it, add water or milk to make the paste. Apply this paste on the body and let it stay undisturbed for 10-15 minutes. Now scrub in circular motion to buff away dead cells and also to brighten the body and face skin.

7. Tomato Beet Soup: Most of them believe in having natural beauty and inner glow and hence drinking juices/soups work better than application on face. Drink a tomato beet soup everyday and just see the glow that you will get in a few weeks.

8. Sun Tan Pack: Tomatoes work wonders to remove sun-tan or dullness from the face. Mix tomato juice with curd+turmeric and apply this for 20 minutes on the face every-day.

9. Tomato Facial: Ready facial kits are always available but nothing can work better than a homemade facial. Use tomato juice+milk to cleanse the face, use tomato+oats to scrub the face, take a steam, again massage with tomato juice+aloe vera gel and then apply tomato+besan+turmeric pack. And get instantly glowing skin for a function!

1o. Eye Pack: Mix gram flour+lemon juice+tomato juice+pinch of turmeric and apply it under the eyes for 10 minutes. Do not let it enter the eyes since it may sting. Also remove it very gently with water. Repeat daily to see a reduction in the dark circles.

Add your comments too if you use tomato in any different ways!


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