Cardigans: How to Wear a Cardigan Sweater

Victoria Secret Sexy Soft Wrap Cardigan
Victoria Secret Sexy Soft Wrap Cardigan


Cardigans have never been out of fashion. Right from your grandma, to your mom, they have always been used, just that the style and fit keeps on changing. A nice fitting cardigan will match any outfit, be it jeans, a denim skirt or a summer dress. From bold and solid colors to flowery prints you can find cardigans to match any occasion or season.

Formal Sweaters or Cardigans

• To match that dull colored trouser and white shirt, nothing better than a solid bold colored cardigan that goes well under the collar of your formal white.
• To add a more sophisticated touch, you can have the buttons to this made of pearls or some semi precious gem to add just a bit of glitz.
• A standard V neck or round collar open button sweater is a must have in every formal wardrobe.
• You must check Michelle Obama for this.

Printed Cardigans

• Fun and floral prints on cardigans add that bit of color to the winter clothes. You can always pair up the floral sweaters with equally bright and perky clothes on a nice summer’s day as well.
• Printed cardigans go well with capri, which are also available in various bright shades, and you can always mix and match what you can wear with them.
• Beautiful silken blouses, tops coupled with a matching and delicately printed cardigan, can make any casual dress up that notch to make it a perfect party wear.
• Of course the typical turtle necks, with prints will always remain in fashion, but definitely try and experiment with some bold patterns.

Casual Cardigans for College

• It’s always about mixing and matching while you are in college.
• There is really no dress code, and whatever you wear becomes fashion.
• A pair of jeans coupled with a fitted off shoulder tee and a open button cardigan is still a hot quotient if worn correctly.
• Cardigans can also be worn to cover up that extra bit of plump on your arm or back.
• Half cardigans with a bold knit and a tie up are a rage for teens, these can be worn equally well with dresses and trousers.

Basically cardigans is the last thing we certainly pick while on a shopping spree. Trust me, I never bought one, I was gifted with all the cardigans I have till date. Well, let me spill out why we should be investing on cardigans lately and also be wearing them:

Martin and Osa Cardigan
Martin and Osa Cardigan

Cardigans are a fun way to color your winters. They add a certain feel to your attire and look. Like, go for a bright colored cardigan, for neutral boring attire. Or have colored cardigans just to pep up the usual denim look, you can team it up with simple jewelry.

This one goes for the plump females. You want to hide it, then layer it. Yes, the way to hide extra flab is by layering your attire. And what’s better than cardigans? There are various ways of doing this. Pull on a cardigan on that favorite dress of yours, which your locked it in your closet just because it reveals your heavier side. Layering the attire with a cardigan is a must try for the formal office boring attire. You checked out that, “Mahi Way” serial chick, she used to wear so many cardigans.

London Jean Italian Merino LAce Cardigan Sweater
London Jean Italian Merino LAce Cardigan Sweater

For the denim bohemian casual look, have a cardigan on jeans, tall boots and a tank top. Trust me, the look is uber cool. Long cardigans and low waist jeans are simply great. You can also borrow your husband’s cardigan, I am serious. Leave a few buttons open, it simply makes the cardigan look more interesting and also helps you show off your accessories. Or may be you could button the top 3-4 buttons and leave the rest open.

For more fun, accessorize your cardigans. Add a classy sassy belt to it. You can have a slim or a broad buckled belt to pep the cardigan. Google Victoria Beckham for details.  Or a scarf can also be a great pick. Have a pin or a brooch on the cardigan, if you want to glamorize it. A corsage on the cardigan is great if you are out for an evening dinner or college prom.

Cardigans can be made of different materials. Although popular ones are always woolen and hand woven, these days acrylic fabric are replacing the wools. Formal cardigans are usually cashmere or silk, sometimes even blended silk. For regular and everyday wear cardigans made of cotton blends looking like jackets more than sweaters are preferred by many. You can experiment with button up, or a V neck or a zipped turtle neck. Tie ups and belts are also very fashionable and trendy. Latest to hit markets are the half or the breast fit cardigans that are usually seen in knits.

So go on dress up for a showdown!


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  1. These are definitely really useful esp in the fall – but I get cold too easily – I need by big bubble wrap coat for the fall.winter – and in Mumbai its cold ? what cold?

  2. i canttttttttt live wihtout a cardi…so many years now that whenever i am only on t-shirt i feel a little vulnerable 😀 skin wise speaking 😛

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