How to Wear Bright Citrus Makeup

citrus makeupI know summers are about to leave India, and I also know how all of us embraced neon and bright colors this summer but this trend doesn’t seem to leave us here, not at least me. We can be all bright and cheerful even in the rains, right? Vogue officially declared that citrus makeup was the trend of the season, ahh… citrus makeup sounds so refreshing na?

Trust me, I have lived on an orange lipstick, bright blue eye lids, and neon nails all this summer and continue to do the same because summer simply doesn’t end here in Dubai ( I told you I love summer).

Bright or neon makeup instantly brightens up your appearance provided you do it the right way. It can make you appear clownish if you over do it. Be it purples, oranges, reds, blues, greens or any other bright color there’s a way to apply it and carry it. It isn’t that tough.

The key to make citrus look work for you is putting these colors together in the right way, i.e. coordination. Mismatched clothes work out at times, but confused make up, is a bit risky. The colors chosen by you for a bright summery look must be considered in accordance to your age, skin type, color and occasion. I know it’s summer, but we can’t wear a bright pink pout and orange lids to a board meeting, unless it’s on the Miami coast. 😉

neon makeupAnd of course every color has its layered shades, for safer options. I mean the darker versions and the brighter ones, and these are easily available with all the brands in the markets these days. I do not say that paint your face bright the first time itself, of course we all are reluctant to experiment, but take a little step every day. 🙂

You have a wide scope for experimenting when it comes to bright make up only that you should be all geared up for it. Now let me take you step by step on how you can wear citrus make up. 🙂

Starting with the eyes, you need not wear orange, blue and green all at one time to brighten up the eyes. NO. You can start simple, start with one eyeshadow at a time for the whole lid. Use a base eye shadow on your entire lid and then apply your eye shadow on the lid and blend it. You can intensify the color of the eye shadow by layering it.

You can check Kapil Bhalla’s work at the Lakme Fashion Week, 2011. He lined the eyes with a thin eye liner, with a little wing at the outer end and then applied an orange on the entire lid. The only thing to keep in mind is to be careful with concealing the eyes and the dark circles, bright make up with dark circles is a complete NO. Dab on some mascara, Loreal Million Lashes, is my current favorite.

citrus eye makeupIf you are a beginner and do not want to invest in individual bright eyeshadows you can get a matte palette. 🙂

Lips, as I said I lived on an orange lipstick. In fact I am living on my MAC neon ornage even now, I am in love with it. You can opt for a bright lipstick or maybe a bright gloss to be on a safe side. Bold lips are very much in these days be it summers, winters or rain…just the colors vary. When you choose your lip color always keep your skin tone in mind. Pink or fuschia is one color which suits all skin tones if applied properly, I do not know why this misconception that it does’t go well with the warmer skin tones.

The cheeks can not be ignored if you want to looked all bright and summery, pick a blush 2 shades lighter than your regular one. A pop of color on the cheeks is super gorgeous. But do not forget to blend it well.

If you are trying the neon look for the first time, do not color all your features at the same time. You can accentuate only one or two features on your face for balancing the whole look. Like bright eyes with nude lips looks great, bright pout and cheeks with neutral eyes are beautiful too. If you have an oily skin, please use a oil control cream after make up, or your bright colors may spoil the entire look. Use a loose powder to pack the make up.

The nails, I have been going bonkers for yellows and greens for my nails both toes and fingers, you can play it up with nail arts, or mis-matched nails.

So this is all about wearing citrus/ neon make up, I hope you liked it. What are your neon color picks?

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26 thoughts on “How to Wear Bright Citrus Makeup

  1. Hi zeeba, very nice article.

    the only step i have taken towards using citrus makeup is orange blush. if that counts 😉 i want to wear orange lipstick but i just don’t feel too comfortable with it. I really liked da lime brown eye makeup you have shown . do you have any recommendation for lime green eyeshadow? :thanks:

    1. HEY Megha…thanks for liking my work.. 🙂 Try an orange me…its dsnt look OTT..sach… 🙂 lime green eyeshadow..welllll..try mac LUCKY GREEN..:) or the CS palette also has nice…green shades.

  2. Hi zeeba, I guess the only trend from citrus thing i have taken up is orange lipstick and may be orange blush . 😀

    but i have sort of taken up on wearing bright pink lips. dont know if it is because of the trend or because i have become comfortabe wearing bright shades.

    good article! :))

    1. Hey Rati,., so nice to see ur comment :).. 🙂

      orange blush..i am yet to use..any recommendations……i ws toh all bright pink and coral this summmer.. 🙂

      thanks for liking my work 🙂 much needed motivation. bright lippies… are so much in na..wich are u wearing?

      1. 😀 How did you know, arre I havent slept at all in the night,was studying,late night,so acha nahi lag reha he,

        1. no your comments kinda show.. read all your comments today. they don’t sound the “happy you” like every day. :puchhi: Take rest. :rose:

          1. Thanks dear, yess you are good at knowing people’s mood very easily,its been 2 days since I fought with my boyfriend,we are not talking and exams coming so sab milaker I stressed out!

            1. aww!!! *tight hugss* I think it’s just the stress. I also end up fighting with sanjeev whenever i am over stressed. But it gets sorted when things starts to east out. You’d just be fine. Take rest and go talk to your boyfreind. You;d feel better. :puchhi:

        1. rids not spotless. :((

          i really cant wear super bight .. neonish eyeshadows. I like my bloss, neutrals. :jalwa:

          I’ll wear my jintaak orange nail paint today. so excited already.
          :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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